On Kickstarter help me (build Aracde game)

No quality software?

Some might take offense to that. Might want to find someone who understands the vision and is proficient in English and have them help you rewrite your Kickststarter from scratch.


At least this person can spell Aracde.

As much as I would love to see this happen considering I’m a classic shmup fan. The main concern would be how achievable the licensing would be, I honestly can’t see the IP owners settling for what’s technically small one off payments per title especially when they get to shovel and rinse this stuff on commercial platforms on a regular basis.

Some demos may increase interest…

So sorry , i mean is Aracde game …

Do you spell it Arcade or Aracde?

Don’t take it bad, but so far all i saw from you are screenshots from all your work, kinda hard to back something with money if we don’t have any evidence.

Also saying that none of us are making quality games is not exactly the way to have us help you out.


i change it , sorry…

Ask everyone. . . I hope I can teach me how to deal with it.

because i’m from CAPCOM Osaka develop team… (from HK ), i hope can help me to do… many thanks…


Arcade … my english is too bad… sorry


Maybe you can get them to cough up the GBA Megan Collection also :wink:
Or even better an official Arduboy port of Megaman ( try not repeat Mighty No.9 or lose the source code :joy:)


If you actually work for capcom you might be better off contacting @bateske and your management. The Tetris microcard exists so a capcom arcade special edition is feasible.


I like the Darius demo. You’ve been recreating lots of games I like.

I too have been trying to get the “draw a sprite every other frame to make it grey” and man it just doesn’t work well on this screen unless the sprite is really small.

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If you ask nicely and show a mock-up, there’s a chance the company will grant you the license for a game for free since the system is so limited. I talked to the CEO of a big game company and he OK’d me for porting a very popular IP. I was almost done with the game, but lost my job and the source code was all on my work computer. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Anyway, the point is, I’m not quite sure what those funds would go towards. The asking price is very high while many amazing and high-quality games already exist that either had an incredibly low budget or no budget at all.


I don’t think you’ll get many backers.

Firstly we have plenty of quality games that people have developed in their spare time for free.

Secondly HK$1,000,000 is an absurd amount. It’s £97,759, or US$127,400.70.
In comparison Arduventure was only asking for US$7,500 (about £5,766.37) and only made US$60,375 (about £46,419.32) which is roughly half of what you’ve set as the goal.
Looking at your reward pricing, you seem to be greatly overestimating what people are willing to pay.

And thirdly, you haven’t actually released any of the games that you’ve claimed to have made yet. You’ve shown us screenshots and the occaisional video, but you haven’t even put up a .bin of anything.
When Team ARG did the Arduventure kickstarter they’d already released a large number of games.

I’m sorry if any of that sounds harsh, but I’d rather be brutally honest than pretend there’s no problem.


If you are from CAPCOM Asia (HK) you do not need our money!
No quality software… Upload a completed QUALITY game on github and we can judge from there.

Also I find it a little funny that he posted shots of Sexy Parodius which is a Konami game if I remember right…


Yep its from Konami.
He might be legit but the approach is shady as hell.

Parodius - Konami
Darius - Taito
R-Type - IREM
Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) - Capcom

It’s a bit of a mixed bag