On Kickstarter help me (build Aracde game)

Yes I know. My point was to point out one of them only. I can’t really believe that a current Capcom employee would have no problem doing a Kickstarter for ports of other companies’ game… It’s all so weird. But some of the strangeness might come also from the language barrier. So I don’t want to be too harsh.


Ouch … I use GitHub as a ‘backup’ when moving from my work machine to my home machine. That’s why my repos have 100s of checkins.

Did you lose the job because you were working on this at work?

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I also think a more obtainable and realistic goal would be a single licenced game…
IREM and Capcom have some history and depending on how the industry works it could be possible to know a group of employees working in rival companies so it’s hard to totally rule out but we are talking about some key titles.
But then back in the early 90’s I could have never imagined Sonic and Mario in the same game so who knows…

Hahaha! No, nothing like that!

Tut tut stationary it gets us all :joy:

ok, i will call CAPCOM on next week , this can do , but i need money to push it, thanks your idea

i push this , i have the reason

konami Parodius is try demo, i show can do on Arduboy , for myself

I am co-developing at capcom, not an employee.

Although I have seen that most of my comments are negative, I understand that everyone will not understand why I will do this. If we don’t do it, we never know if it is feasible? My English is problematic, so that everyone will be prone to misunderstanding. I have to learn or try again if it is feasible. I will accept criticism from everyone. Now that I have placed it on Kickstarter, let’s see the situation. If there are any supporters, I will find a way to do it. I won’t sit still, I will do more to prove me! Thank you for your comments!


I would help if I knew more about you and the project exactly and what’s the real idea behind it. But you have to understand that most of us are releasing games for free and some of them like 1943 I could call them quality games. So you need to take that into consideration before putting the pledges too high. People are used to pay .99 cents for games on their phones that are often way more complex then whatever we can make on the Arduboy. So it’s really a niche market…

A short demo version of at least one of the games you want to promote and sell might be needed to get the hype up and interest people.

On Kickstarter I am mostly backing boardgames and many of them offer a demo print and play version to interest people… So you should maybe go with that idea. No need to release sources, just a 1 level limited demo .hex file or a playable link of that demo on project Abe so anyone could at least taste the offered product.


Sorry, in fact, the opposite is true. We need money to fight for the support of game makers. This fund is not handled by me alone. I hope that everyone will jointly develop it.

Thanks , i need to help on Arcade game reborn platform , money or not , i will push to do, how to contact you ? Add my Twitter or ?

I know the advantages of Arduboy. I have also bought other small game consoles. I have considered the hardware problems. The credit card-sized Arduboy game console is very good. I believe that I have obtained the authorization or approximate quality game of past arcade games. There must be a better future. In the past, arcade games were not big-capacity games, and the maximum usage was on the Graphic. So in the past, a lot of arcade games were very small in terms of programs.

我知道Arduboy 的優勢,我也買過其他小型遊戲機,已經考慮過硬件上的問題,以信用卡大小的Arduboy遊戲機,是非常好的感覺,我相信取得過去街機遊戲的授權或近似質量的遊戲,必定會有更好前途。過去的街機遊戲不是現在的容量大遊戲,最大使用量都是畫面上使用,所以過去大量街機遊戲都是程式上很少容量。

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In fact, everyone is learning to write games, but also like to play this Arduboy game console, I hope to have more powerful development. If I receive the money or not, I hope to give back to everyone, I will pay for everyone to cooperate. Because a person’s ability is limited, they must work together with everyone to become a thing!

其實大家都在學習編寫遊戲,又喜歡玩這個Arduboy 遊戲機, 都希望有更強大發展。如果我收到錢與否,我都希望回饋大家,我會付錢給大家合作。因為一個人能力有限,必須要與大家一起合作才成事!

I am very happy to have your response. Most of what you said is correct, there is nothing wrong with it. However, I wrote a sum of 1 million for a reason. Have you ever seen the idea of ​​a Japanese game factory? Japan used a lot of money to promote it, so Japan knows that there are many game brands that are valuable, but there is no money to redevelop, so I will have the following instructions, I hope everyone understands.

  1. 70% is to take out the game brand for valuable games and then use Arduboy to interpret it. I overestimate the price people are willing to pay? Just because Arduboy is not a big user now, use other brand game licenses to deal with it, and add Arduboy users, which is much more interesting for Arduboy to play games.
  2. I didn’t release the game because I am still a beginner on the program, so I have some shortcomings. I will let you know the situation again. I wrote only Source code, I wrote it on IMac, I don’t use the program to convert to .bin, if you can teach me, I am willing to learn.
  3. In my eyes, if Arduboy really has the game nature of the past nostalgic games, I believe that some people want to play. I hope that Arduboy will also have a color version in the future, and it will be the same size as a credit card.

How to use funds?
1 million funds
700,000 is a variety of game licenses (more 10 games)
200,000 is game development (more 10 games)
100,000 is operating the Arcade game Reborn platform (web page)

If there is something wrong with the distribution, you can share it with me. I want to share it with you.


1.	70% 是 對有價值遊戲取出遊戲品牌,再用Arduboy 演繹出來。我高估了人們的願意付出的代價?就是因為Arduboy 現在不是佔很大能用户,就運用其他品牌遊戲授權來處理,增加Arduboy 用戶,這樣大大令人更對Arduboy 有興趣玩遊戲。
2.	我沒有放出遊戲,因為我還是一個對程式上初學者,所以我有不足之處,我是會再次給大家知道情況。我編寫只有Source code ,我運IMac 編寫,不會用程式轉換為.bin ,如果可以你們可以教我,我願意學習。
3.	在我眼裡,如果Arduboy 真的有過去懷舊遊戲的遊戲性質,我相信會有人想玩。我希望將來Arduboy 也會有彩色版,同時又是信用卡一樣大小體積。

70萬是各種遊戲授權金 ( 超過 10個遊戲)
20萬是遊戲開發 ( 超過 10個遊戲)
10萬是營運Arcade game Reborn platform (web page)


My point of view! Arduboy is a developpement and learning console. People buy this mini console to understand, test and analyse other source code from community for their own evolution in programming. I really don’t think that they buy this mini console to buy commercial games, to play several hours!

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You are right, you are the same as you said, and you like to learn and buy. But I saw that I loved the old games myself. I feel very good on the Arduboy function. I should be able to try different directions. In fact, I put on Kickstarter and I hope to bring out a suggestion. I use my personal status because I am doing it seriously. I hope someone will agree with me. If no one supports it, I have already tried it. It’s better than not trying.

你說的也沒錯,我本身也是你說的一樣,是喜歡學習而購買。但我看到我自己都是喜愛過去舊遊戲,Arduboy 機能上我覺得很好,應該可以試一下不同方向。其實我放上Kickstarter 都是希望帶出一個建議,我用我個人身分,是因為我好認真去做。希望有人會認同我,如果沒有人支持,也都已經嘗試過,好過沒有去試。

Yes, we are all learning to write games, and likes to (to some extend) play games on the Arduboy. But, since Arduboy was a open-source(where your code is available to the general public) platform, and that having things copyrighted was very, very expensive.

I am not sure why you are thinking that.
If you want the Arduboy to have weight on the market (with the PlayStation, XBox, STEAM or others), tell everyone about it and increase the amount of people who use Arduboy.

On the other hand, I think Bateske(founder of Arduboy) had already protected his Arduboy…

I think the the Tetris microcard route is the only realistic way this could happen with official licensing. Perhaps an additional rom chip on the PCB using @mrblinky’s bootloader or something simmilar could be added so more arcade games could fit.

I wasn’t around when the Tetris microcard became I thing so I can’t comment on it’s inception or the process behind it. However, the Tetris llc is known to be pretty strict with their ip, especially compared to capcom recently starting to port older titles to PC.

There’s also always the possibility to release clones that won’t infringe on Capcom IP.

Perphaps try and contribute to other projects as well if you want to raise credibility. Your Sprite work looks really good even if you claim the code behind it isn’t that great.

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