One problem after another

So I got my Arduyboy in the mail yesterday followed the quick installation guide to a T, which allowed me to download Arduventure with no problems. Expect, there was no sound, okay so no biggie, I’ll just follow the directions to install the fixed ATMlib.

However, now my Arduyboy isn’t being detected by my computer. The red light shows up on my boy and it’s on AND I’m using the same usb cable (the one that came with it) that I used to install Arduventure but it’s like my computer is completely unable to detect it.

I’ve re-installed my drivers, got a new cable (all of them cause the charging light to show, but not the yellow light) and nothing is working.

Arduventure still doesn’t have any sound, but the game that came pre-loaded with it did. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong now, since I managed to get it right the first time.

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Follow the Reprogramming Guide on this link. You may have to use the DOWN button instead of the UP button, depending on the version of Arduventure that you have loaded.

Also, for versions where you use the DOWN button, the RGB LED will no longer flash, as it does in the video.

After I was able to get my boy connected to my pc, this helped me in fixing the sound (I had to delete the old Atm library and THEN install the new one)