One recharge a trimester, keeps the ArduDoctor away


:exploding_head: what?!?!

This is too much

Eventually you will have to call the ArduDoctor. If battery drains too low or you overwrite the flash


Is the ArduDoctor a person or thing?

Are you saying I might have to recharge my unopened Arduboys to avoid the doctor??

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It is a concept, like god, you could become one, but for most people is Kevin.

I would say: yes. But @bateske should answer with more details. I just noticed that if I do not recharge them every couple of months (I have them numbered so for example the one with the Arduventure was untouched for months) they get really fiddly to get recharged again.

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Isn’t it beautiful? The Arduboys are huddled together as a family. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


Did you win all those in contests?

I bought three, all others are from contests.

That’s one USB hub you’ve got there.

Do you fully charge your Arduboys? I’ve read that it’s better to charge Li-Ion batteries to about 40% for storage. When charged more they loose their capacity faster.

I fully charge them. There is so many rules and myths about batteries that I am not sure which ones are worthy to follow. I only know from experience that under voltage harms them (in drones they get puffy fast, and fpv drones are the extreme case of usage, so I try to keep them charged all the time)