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Hello all. I just purchased an Arduboy at the 2017 Portland Retro Gaming Expo and I’m very excited! I’m new to game development, but not new to coding in general. I’ve read through the tutorials on these forums and still have some work to do to finish up my first game, but I was hoping all the seasoned vets could recommend some online resources where I could begin learning more about basic and advanced game development topics. For example, sprites (do we create these from scratch in photoshop then transfer to hexadecimal?), sprite animation, map creation (similar to Mystic Balloon or an endless runner type game), sound creation, etc. I’ve been going through the forums but have had a tough time figuring out where to begin doing external research. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Also, thank you to all those who have posted their awesome games. I’ve been playing Mystic Balloon, Castle Boy, Omega Horizon, and Sirene, all EXCELLENT! It’s amazing what you all have been able to create.

Have you checked out the magazine? It has some great articles that cover a number of the concepts your are talking about including sprites and map creation.

Thank you @filmote ! I’ll be sure to read through them.

The game making tutorial series on here made by Crait goes over taking a png image of a sprite and converting that to hexadecimal via a web tool he created. I believe there may also be some relevant tools on team-arg’s website.

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