Open Source 3D Arduboy project

(Blake) #1

I am working on a STL file driven 3D engine for use on the Arduboy.

No idea if this is of any use to anyone, but its there if interested. I have an academic goal in mind of creating a cloud debugging utility that runs on the AVR IoT WG(Atmega4808). I am using this project to vet that work. There is a lot of code related to the matrix multiply operation. This will be optimized, however I need a working unoptimized version for comparison. I want to research the improvements in the debbuger.

(Kevin) #2

This seems very esoteric but I am interested. Could we 3d print from an Arduboy? :smiley:

(Blake) #3

I was thinking someone could easily port this to an AVR based printer, creating a proper on device preview. I might gamify this a bit more to create something like a Daytona USA experience, but my research needs come first.