Open-source SDK for vintage monochrome Nokia phones (e.g. 3310, 5110) and video on uploading modified firmware with new games

I think that Arduboy community might find this interesting.

NokiX – open-source SDK for classic DCT-3 Nokia phones (this series includes, for instance, the famous “indestructible” 3310 model): NokiX - Arkadiusz Wahlig

Video about flashing a new firmware with additional games: Vintage Firmware Modding Nokia DCT3 Phones - YouTube

Video where you can see some more homebrew games: Awesome Nokia 3310 MOD - YouTube

Hmm… I wonder how difficult in theory would be to port Gamebuino Classic games (that console was actually using a Nokia 5110 LCD) to these old phones.

Check out as well, The history of Snake: How the Nokia game defined a new era for the mobile industry


Any idea what the DCT-3 spec was like?
I’m wondering if we could port aspects of the SDK/API to the Arduboy somehow.

According to the WIP Nokia 3310 MAME driver GitHub page they are based upon MAD2WD1 (ARM7TDMI + DSP).

Here you can also find some info about available memory for various models: Project Blacksphere

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Unfortunately it looks like there’s no hope of simulating them with the Arduboy because the spec is too high.

ARM alone means 32-bit, but the real killer is the amount of flash and RAM they have - i.e. tens of kilobytes.