Orange & Blue Discolouration

My screen keeps having the top 1/4 orange, then a thin black horizontal line through, then continues for 3/4 blue. How can I fix this

Edit: Also how can I stop having to flashlight my arduboy? I’ve done it a couple times, but after about 3 or 4 uploads I have to flashlight it

You bought a dual part OLED.
This cannot be fixed and you need to get the another screen.

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Thank you, I will look into that

@Botisaurus is correct.

It’s actually supposed to be a feature for applications where having a stripe of coloured text at the top is desirable.



Is there any way I can change this function to just blue or orange?

As far as I’m aware the screen pixels actually are blue and yellow, you can’t change them.

Thanks for your help, any type of LCD replacement you could suggest, any colour is fine, just as long there is no coloured bar at the top

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Just buy the same display but make sure the colour is white (or all blue, if you prefer).

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Maybe you could remove the top film? but that might destroy the screen…

There is no film, just a clear polariser. The top OLEDs themselves are actually yellow and the lower ones are actually blue.