Ordered 2 Arduboys, Only 1 Has Shipped

Earlier today I received an email saying that one of my Arduboys has been received at the warehouse. However this was the second one I ordered, the first of which I ordered almost a week earlier. I’m not sure whether I’m overreacting about this or not, but I expected that I’d get shipment notices about both or at least the one I ordered earlier first. If anyone can help on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

The same in my case, I ordered 3 but I only received 1.

Hey everyone! If you happen to be in a similar situation, please reach out to us through our contact form https://www.arduboy.com/store/contact-us, and let us know the details of your order (Order no. / email address), we’ll look into it and send out any missing units. :slight_smile:

@HZ128 @jcolladosp Looking at your cases right now, and hope to send the missing units out soon. :slight_smile:


I ordered a Arduboy and Tetris-version, but they didn’t ship the Tetris game.

The value on the package was stated as $49, which is not true because I paid $39 for it.
I had to pay €13 for handling by Dutch customs (on top of the €9 tax). I hope I don’t have to pay a 2nd €13 for handling when they ship the Tetris game.

Just heard back with my tracking number and they will be here today. Woot woot.

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There seems to be a small bug in our store sometimes for people who ordered multiple units. For some reason it’s splitting the order date which causes a problem for our shipping supplier. We have identified the bug and are working to get units shipped back out where they should be.

We are also aware of the issue with declared value being higher than what you paid originally. If you incurred extra taxes because of this please reach out to us at www.arduboy.com/contact including your order details and we can work with you to resolve the difference.


Never mind only got 1 more sent. The red one. The blue one is still MIA.

I recieved a notification today saying mine had been received at the warehouse. Thanks for all thr help guys.

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I filled out the form. About 1 of my 3 Arduboy’s missing. I received an email with a tracking number for my first Arduboy. Not super helpful since I have that one and have my red one. My blue one is still missing and I have my boys this weekend. Not going to be fun for one of them to not get theres after waiting for a month.

Hi @DarkLord, do check your spam / junk folder for shipping notifications.

Also, if anyone is facing a similar situation, do reach out to us on the contact form! :slight_smile:

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Customer service did get back to me and I now have the email stating it’s being processed. Thanks Celine

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We should have shipped out all of these missing units, there was a bug in the system but we squashed it.

I’ll keep this thread open for a little longer then I’ll unlist it if there aren’t any more issues.

Yeah I got an email from support saying that it was being processed and should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully it shows up before the next time my boys come down for the weekend. My oldest was sad that me and his younger brother had ours.

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Be sure to check spam mail for tracking info…

Woot Woot :tada: my 3rd Arduboy arrived. My son will be so happy. We now have red, white, blue


Recive past week the missing units. Thx guys