Ordered 21st of May, not shipped yet?

I pre-ordered on the 21st of May and it’s almost 3 months. When I placed the order it said that I’d receive it in about 3 weeks. I’ve asked on different places and through direct message to bateske as suggested in a different post.
I received the payment receipt from paypal plus an email from the store that my order has been placed.
Can anyone please let me know what’s been going on? I saw people selling theirs on ebay and I could have bought it from there, but I instead wanted to support such a great project directly. And I was looking forward to it but now… Well no contact, emails, tracking number, nothing.
So a word on the matter will be appreciated. Thank you.

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You’re in the same boat as a lot of other people, myself included. I bought 2 from the Arduboy website on May 2nd and no sign at all for me. Periodically Kevin comes on here and gives an update, but unfortunately this hasn’t resulted in mine being shipped - can’t speak for others though.

It certainly seems like an awful long time, and it feels harsh that there’s posts asking for people to help design retail packaging when the pre-orders haven’t been shipped.

I really hope there is some good news about this soon.

Yeah no kidding I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks since April

I´ll be waiting too.
One Arduboy ordered on the 11.06.2015 and the other on 21.01.2016

Hello, apologies about the delay! Yes you are right we missed our ESTIMATED delivery date, it was written on the page the delivery date is subject to change.

As mentioned in other posts, we have made a number of upgrades that regrettably put the delivery date out.

We haven’t forgot about you, we are working trying to get the units shipped out. The current status is that the factory is performing Quality Control checks on all of the units and then packaging them up for you. The specific shipment date bounces around but we are trying to get you tracking information before the end of the month.

We recognize that it’s taken longer than we planned, but by pre-ordering you are getting shipped first and also are saving $10 (the price will go to $49 when in stock).

It’s probably best to mention we are using far better shipping options so it should only take 4-6 days to reach you once you get notified… as opposed to the 3-4 months in transit some unlucky kickstarter backers experienced.

Over 60% of our customers are international and developing a global supply chain is a lot of work for just a few people.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

I would be happy an unfortunate 3-4 months waiting to be kickstarter… I am an unhappy 14 months waiting kickstarter and a unhappy 7 month shop order^^

@bateske Ehm, may I ask, you say "The current status is that the factory is performing Quality Control checks on all of the units and then packaging them up for you. " packaging them up but you still collect all units from the factory in US first? I thought you were expecting them to be shipped to USA like a week ago? What is the reason for the new delay? Or did I misread something?

Well it’s difficult to give an exact answer because frankly I don’t know. The factory told me one date, and then later told me a new date.

If I had to make an educated guess after spending more than a year working directly with these kind of situation… A sub supplier for our USB cables, Packaging, or new screws was late on their delivery, thus pushing everything back. This can cause real problems because many times the assembly work is going to be scheduled against other customers.

Our factory doesn’t only produce arduboys, it produces many other products for other customers. For example, the genuino line of products is produced in the same factory.

Because of the need to service multiple customers, their production line switches each time a production run for a specific product is ready. Meaning, there the factory has scheduled some time to build Arduboys, but some part is a day or two late, so they start working on another project (because downtime costs them money). The other project then may run for a week or two solid before the line can be switched again.

2 months ago we asked the factory when they expected to be complete and they said July. Then we changed a few things requiring new parts to be ordered and shipped to the factory. Due to this juggling around, we got put at the end of the line. Then (I’m assuming) when the parts didn’t arrive we got bumped again. They were telling us end of June and I went ahead and estimated a bit further, but clearly I didn’t pad the estimate enough.

The short answer might be: Manufacturing isn’t easy, and manufacturing in China is very not-easy.

In addition to managing finances and the schedule you also have to manage the relationship with the factory. In our case, we are having Seeed Studio manage the production and they have outsourced to their high volume contract manufacturer (where they build Genuino and other products).

Any time I make a change, my project manager at Seeed (who is excellent, by the way) then has to communicate this change to the factory that is actually doing the work. Feedback from the actual manufacturer is then passed back to me through my project manager, and this continues until the product actually ships.

In order to help make things better, I visit the actual factory as frequently as possible. I’ve brought @Celinebins along because she speaks Chinese and we can talk directly to the workers who have their hands assembling the product that I hope you will soon enjoy.

Even though we manage the relationship very aggressively, each link in the chain potentially has some incentive to misrepresent or otherwise hope the project will be done sooner than later. People generally tend to plan on things arriving on time, and it requires a lot more time and energy to plan on things being late.

There is a children game called “telephone”, where a line of people will whisper a phrase into the next person’s ear until the message reaches the end of the line. If you’ve ever played this game you’ll know the end result is very often different than the one that started. Unfortunately the customer is at the end of this communication chain in this example, so you don’t always get told what is really happening. Neither do I, but I’m doing my best to try and keep you in the loop.

Maybe the easiest thing is to ask you: Have you ever been late on something? Have thousands of people depended on you doing your best work? How would you manage an international supply chain and the sourcing of tens of thousands of custom components?

We don’t claim to be experts here, I never manufactured anyhting before this project. For now, this is the situation we are in. Everyone in the supply chain I can tell you is doing there best, and the fact is that may not be fast enough for you. If that is the case, please let us know and we can get you your money back and you can go buy a playstation or something.

But if you still believe in the dream, and you want an Arduboy, I’m sorry the only thing I can say is that you’ll have to be patient. We do appreciate your patience and understand it is hard to wait for something you really want.

Again, I’m not disappearing with your money or spending it frivolously on things other than manufacturing and promoting the Arduboy. In fact there have been a number of times that we have saved the future of the company by delaying a few weeks or a month. So frankly we wouldn’t even be here if not for this delay. We don’t believe we are doing anything wrong here, but if you disagree please let us know.

We are open to suggestion, if you have anything that you can contribute to help then by all means please let me know.


If you’ve lost all hope and patience and simply cannot wait any longer for this awesome 8-bit video game system, please do contact us using the contact form on the store which we have asked you to do many times.

Simply complaining about something being late, while I do understand, isn’t going to make it show up any faster.

This isn’t amazon, units weren’t in stock and the delivery date was, has been, and always will be an estimate. I can’t tell the future, I can only share with you what I know. Keeping your pre-order is still the best way to get your Arduboy is to wait.

Trust me, I want everyone to get what they paid for. I’d like to be able to get some rest at night knowing that everyone out there is happy with how things have gone. Nobody has more incentive to finish this project more than I do, and I can assure you I’m doing my best.

If that’s not enough, no worries just please let us know and we will help you in any way we can.

Very lovely elaboration, very much appreciated, I am asking because feedback is not proactive, as in if there was like a thread on a forum where you would post every time you felt there is a delay I honestly feel it would be helpful even though it would not bring Arduboys faster to their future owners but it would establish a conversation, like this comment here you just wrote is long and interesting and awesome :wink: but it lives in a post about 21st of May order so I would not find it unless i check every shipping thread for updates, oh wait I do it anyway…

Keep it up, I know it will be awesome once it comes.

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It’s just awkward for everyone because we never expected so many customers and didn’t expect for it to take so long. So we are constantly trying to play catch up while we run around with our hair on fire.

We’re here, we’re gonna get you your Arduboys, and we wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for you, our awesome community. Thanks for hanging in there, thank you for your patience and encouraging words.