Ordered november last year

Hello, I just wanted to know if you already have an estimated delivery time for my Arduboy?



I guess bought ones will be shipped after the Kickstarter ones.

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Well I would hope so. First come first serve. I’m very pissed that Oculus isn’t going in order. I’m #1000, they claim to have shipped thousands but mine hasn’t shipped yet.

Well, that sucks. That was my 1st time on Kickstarter. I didn’t know that I had to order or pledge through Kickstarter and not on the Arduboy WebPage… Great…

Mmm, the web site is something we opened up after the Kickstarter campaign in order to keep some communication open. The original intent, really, was just to let Kickstarter users change the color of their KS benefit units. There were people asking to buy a unit after the KS event, so Kevin looked at offering the ability to make orders to whomever was still interested.

We are right now, working on putting a surplus of inventory on the “shelves”. Kickstarter units will all be finished shipping soon, then pre-orders, and then finally we will have the inventory to match whatever volume is requested from people through the web-store, and be able to take the ordering process out of pre-orders, and ship on purchase.

The Arduboy is a product that is demanding a supply chain be created to get it built and in our hands, where a supply chain didn’t exist before. Kevin has done a pretty awesome job at this despite not being in the industry to do so before. I’m right there with everyone waiting to get units sometimes, and well I’m always impressed by the build quality and attention he puts into things. That makes me feel better about the time delay, it seems to be what is needed to get it done to a standard.


any idea when the kick starter units will all be shipped by?

I believe more than a 1/4 have shipped, the early birds. I’m not sure if the other users have begun receiving their units. Kevin should be back from Shenzhen shortly for maker faire, and will have better access to the internet.

cheers for the update!
the wait is killing me

any news there?
greetings from munich/germany

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding!

We are literally counting the days to ship to you! We are waiting on new packaging, now with barcodes!

Should be in the next couple of weeks we send you a tracking information. We are partnering with a new shipping provider so we can use services like DHL to get it to you in under a week once it does ship!

We also have new screws with thread lock adhesive!

And CE and FCC certifications to prevent any nasty customs hangups!

Hang in there, very soon!


@bateske Hi Kevin, it is JUly 22nd today, what is exactly going on? Are you on the factory since 20th? _ as an online preorderer and not a ‘blue sky visiion’ backer I think we should expect normal retail experience here, we have not seen any updates. For example, how about an email with a status update, apologies, information on what we get as a damage control reward for waiting? TO recap as of today this is at least a month long delay compared to what was promised when I ordered.

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I’m in China now meeting with the factory. I agree we have been lacking on the updates for our pre-order customers, and part of the problem is that we don’t yet have a mass-mailer fully set up. Kickstarter made it easy to contact everyone in mass, but it’s not been as easy with pre-orders.

Yes we do understand there is a delay beyond what we promised. Frankly, the kickstarter turned out to be about 6 to 9 months late depending on who is counting, and it seems our pre-orders are going to be about 1-2 months late. Huge apologies for this, but there were a number of compounding factors.

Basically, the short version is that we kept making upgrades to the pre-order units in response to the feedback we were getting from kickstarter users.

We fixed the LED problem, added FCC and CE markings to get us through customs, added packaging with UPC barcode label so we can use a fulfilment center and faster shipping, and we also are including a USB cable this time as well.

And last but not least, we are working on getting that mailing system fixed so we can start providing newsletter to all of our backers and customers to learn about new games and tutorials we develop going forward.

Thanks so much for pre-order, sorry for the lack of communication but it’s just because we are working full time. Don’t ever feel afraid to contact us directly if there is something you need. We are here!

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THank you @bateske Kevin, I see the communication is getting better. Looking forward to the devices.

Digging those threadlocks!


Communication has been tough, I keep traveling to promote Arduboy, but then customer service falls down. @Celinebins is also helping, and answering all the contact emails you send. And wow we get a lot of emails. We can’t wait to get the pre-order units shipped so maybe we can have a bit of a real life again! We are trying hard every day to get these shipped to you! Hang in there! Couple more weeks!

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Another month is over… So I have to ask again, any news on shipping date?

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Daniel, from the comments on the kickstarter campaing, backers were already getting their shipments, and people who have not received their emails should DM Kevin there: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/903888394/comments

I think people from Germany were having problems because some units didn’t have the CE mark, so items have been sent back in some cases, but I think that sould be solved by now (or be near being solved), from what one could read.

Hope you get your Arduboy soon. :blush:

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Oh no :frowning:
Why Germany

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Yeah I heard that too, thx for the info. I could have told them before… Of course it will not be accepted by customs here in germany without an CE mark.
I wrote Kevin @bateske here and on Kickstarter a private message about my order, but I’m getting no answers,

I hope you get a reply (an your Arduboy!) soon. :+1:

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