Orginal arduboy legacy overstock

I recently ordered the original arduboy from the legacy overstock and it’s been 6 days and no communication has been made yet, even though the website said it will be shipped in 3 days. Wanted to make a slight correction to my shipping address and the contact mail was also not responsive, I do understand it is more of a single guy affair, but it would have been helpful if I could get some sort of update regarding this and let me know if there are some issue with the supply or delay in shipping.

Yeah I’m about a week behind on shipping, I’ll be able to update your address, sorry about the delays.

No problem Kevin, thanks for the update, I was just very eager to get hold of one, it is the excitement that is bugging me

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We are not operating at 100% efficiency here but everything’s still cranking along. Thanks for the understanding, should ship out end of this week or early next.