Original 1-Bit Emoji Set

Was doing a little light googling this evening and came across the fact that the original emoji set was 1 bit color, and…



Some of those animals may end up in my Jam game!


From a time when you could make more than a single call before needing a charge.


It says its your cake day @Keyboard_Camper so I cut you a piece of cake image


it would be cool if somebody could make this into a library for arduboy, so we could use these in our games as, well, emojis!

When You see Pharap Typing and you read something about somebody requesting a library


Sorry, that wasn’t what it was going to be about :P

Though it wouldn’t be hard to make them available.
You wouldn’t need a whole library, you could possibly fit them all in a single header.
But if you didn’t need all of them then you’d be wasting space,
so it would be better to just build sprite sheets individually.

What I was actually going to say is “are they copyrighted?”

I don’t think anyone is going to sue us for using them,
but still, it’s nicer to know.

That particular image needs cleaning up anyway,
it’s a jpeg with compression artefacts.

I like the kanji tiles, I can make out ‘mori’ and ‘sora’ (forest and sky).


A reverse image search found this which claims these were made by NTT DoCoMo Inc
(or ‘kabushiki gaisha enu ti ti dokomo’, 株式会社NTTドコモ) back in 1999/2000.


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

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This is one of MoMA’s Collection.

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It’s a shame that they removed the Kanji from the image.
At least they kept the onsen symbol (though I doubt they realise what it is).

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