Other Arduino Cards

The Basic things this phone would need would be what a flip phone has to offer. Sometime people just want a basic phone, but a modern one this is the idea.

A Micro-Phone/ A Basic Card Sized Phone running Arduino Perhaps.

An OLED Display, keypad, a mirco sd for memory, processor, antenna, recharable battery.

I’m asking the community for anyone who may want to make something like this even if its salvage of a basic phone.

Thank you for your time.

How about bluetooth and mp3 playing capabilities with headphones all for under $30?

I bought a few of these when learning about Arduboy. You can buy this and other similar phones on ebay already.

Short answer is, probably not. The costs of getting a device approved by the FCC and providing support for such a device would be cost prohibitive.

Probably best just to buy one of these:

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It look alright for the price.
The FCC huh I’ll do more research on them.

Thanks Batske


Ever thought about creating other cards?

I’ve thought about a lot of things :slight_smile: What are you thinking about?

Well their are quite a few things that I think can come in handy.

I have a Coin. Neat in concept, but the implementation left a lot to be desired. I did try to carry it exclusively for a time, but it was never close to 100% reliable, and it arrived too close to when chip cards were becoming required. Samy Kamkar did an impressive hobbyist version: http://samy.pl/magspoof/

I thought about having a card that has a built in card reader on it. It would be kind of the ultimate card skimming tool. But I never developed it because that would be used for lots of bad purposes.

Can you turn arduboy sideways into a gaming System for your wrist?


The arduboy gaming system on the wrist looks good right.

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