Other arduino game console

There are others console that you can make by youself based on arduino?
I see the gamebuino and gamebuino meta, they are pretty nice.
It’s possible build one of this or you have to buy it?
I dont want to build a raspberry console 'cause i alredy have a PSP as portable retroemulation console and a raspberry pi 3 powered 2 players arcade stick for play on TV.
Wath can i build after arduboy? Help me ardugang!

For that i know (i don’t know all about that and some will prbably complete my answer) you have Makerbuino to construct your gamebuino and you can make your own version of Arduboy and you have a tonne of info in the category Homemade on this forum.

All the components for my arduboy are on the way (with 0.96" OLED because i want to fit It in a tic tac enclosure) and maybe after that i make one with 1.54" screen.

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If you want make your own Gamebuino, you can buy Makerbuino kit. Its really well done but if you are enough good, you can make your own kit as all is open on this console. Some have share how they have construct their own console. For Meta its different as the schematics are not yet shared. I’ll not be moe long about that because we are on arduboy forum :wink: I don’t have look alot for Pokitto, can’t say if you can construct your own without buying the kit.

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I know of a non-Arduino programmable console: the Pokitto.

The programming environment is different, but it’s still C++.
You can make games with it and it even has some IO pins for you to do circuity stuff.
(I wrote a tutorial on how to do some circuity stuff, so here’s a shameless plug: tutorial index.)

You probably couldn’t get the parts to build your own, you’d have to order an actual console,
but it’s still some assembly required, you have to screw the board down and put the case, the screen and the buttons on.

In case it makes a difference, there’s a number of people who own both an Arduboy and a Pokitto and visit both forums.

(Disclaimer: I’m a moderator on the Pokitto forums and I even have a small amount of input behind the scenes, so I’m completely biased. I’m not on the payroll though, I’m just a trusted/respected 3rd party.)


I’ve been trying to maintain a list here: http://aced.io/oshw-gaming/


Man!! That’s a lot of things! I watch there, thanks you!

Maybe add the Odroid GO? Based on ESP32, Arduino programmable, not full Linux, although mostly for running emulators and the obligatory DOOM port.


Odroid go is very cool, but i want something for make schematics by myself, soldering wires and other stuff.
But i see that he can run pico-8, and i love pico-8 games! My pocketchip is too big to be a real portable game devices.
I have to see if the esp32 chip (the one there is in the odroid go) can run pico-8 on a DIY console by itself.
So the option are 2:

1= A gamebuino clone.
2= A DIY console for pico-8 (with esp32 or, if he can’t run It, a raspberry pi zero.

Maybe in a little enclosure, like a nes controller.

What do you think guys?

Here a photo of my bad boy

Hum just an word: if you want the more powerfull console between the both: take the Pokitto but take Makerbuino if you want a do by yourself console. You can’t compare power between the both: screen and power of the Pokitto are alot better but you can’t compare the mount of the received kit for the Poikitto and the kit of componants to mount a Makerbuino. For the Makerbuino you have to solder all componants, this part is fun for some users (like me) but not for some other who want only play and program and the Pokitto is better then because really easy and quick to mount.


Is there a us distributer for the pokitto?
I looked on eBay and found none (not surprised) and didn’t see anything on their site for us sale.


Well I got mine from the Pokitto website directly…

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Thats EU shipped to Maple land though right?


Yes pretty much unfortunately. Took a while for me to have it here.

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They just released a keyboard for the odroid go. I’ve been hunting one down with no success. Reminds me a lot of the pocket chip.

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Actually, sometimes they’re made in the US.

Jonne knows a guy in the US who has the machinery to make them in his top secret batcave
(I think his name is Daniel).
(You can watch a video of the machine in the batcave that assembles the boards here.)

Pokittos are manufactured in batches because it’s not profitable to manufacture them continually or one at a time, so availability ebs and flows

If in doubt you can just ask Jonne about availability,
he’s a very busy person but he’s also very approachable.

And if you’re interested in a Pokitto and want a specific colour, he could probably do something like try to make sure that the colour you want gets made in the next batch or let you know when more of that colour will be available.

It’s all still early days and Pokitto games aren’t made as frequently as Arduboy games, but there’s already a fairly big game list and the forums are always active at least.
(Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I usually comment 4-8 times per day. :P)


After all i think i’ll go for the gamebuino clone in a nes controller.

And after that maybe a bigger one with raspberry pi 0 for play pico-8 game and emulators.

I hope the components for arduboy arrived in the next days so i can start the project (and i alredy have an idea for a game, but i have to learn a lot of things before i can make it).

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The good things is that gamebuino and arduboy have very similare sort of programs. You’ll not have to learn 2 specifics langages but only specific insructions and restriction (screen size for classic gamebuino and memory for Arduboy)