Other colors available?

my arduboy is white as are most ive seen, how do some have other colored ones and where can i get um

The color units were for the Kickstarter and Pre-Orders only. Only white is now available but we are looking at new colors in the future!


its not a huge deal, if production is much cheaper plain jane id say keep it that way

out of curiosity how many of thease things are floating around the world these days?

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It really depends where abouts you are in the World. Check on arduboy.com for the distributers.

Also, I think white is the best :sweat_smile:

RACIST!!! all colors are = in the eyes of there creator :smiley:

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Wait… I’ve got blue…are you saying its a Kickstarter…but I bought off the site!

Some Kickstarter models were sold in store earlier this year I’m a little gutted I never grabbed some more at the time.

It will also say Kickstarter Edition on the back

It doesn’t say Kickstarter on the back just arduboy and it blue

Maybe you got one from @bateske’s bit box :joy: or they swapped the backs out to keep the kickstarters exclusive. It’s also possible they had some coloured boards only over on the standard ones. I bought a gold backed at the time and that came with the Kickstarter text.

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Hmm I don’t think so it is a replica to the white except it’s blue no speaker holes!

I’m not 100% sure but I think the speaker holes were scrapped after the first batch or so.
There was also an issue with the orientation of the RGB LED on the early run models so there’s a chance if from an early batch it will incorrectly display the colours.

Kickstarters were produced in colour, and so were the first 5,000 post kickstarter production batch.

This is why your’s probably does not say Kickstarter.

A few months ago in store, we sold the Kickstarter ones we had - hence they all had the Kickstarter logo. :sunglasses:

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I bet @Celinebins has one of the elusive pink ones just to tease us.

Nope no led problems. I got mine last year. Although it didn’t say Kickstarter in the description or any thing like that.

@Keyboard_Camper no but @Dreamer3 has a blank pink

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