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Be kind with me - I’m a 70 year old IT Mathematician Geek (yes we were around in the 1960s!). I’ve worked with PCs since 1981 and since retiring my hobby has been collecting/repairing/programming vintage programmable calculators like the HP-41CX, TI-59, Sharp PC-1500A etc. So I started to get interested in Arduboy (mainly because a Member of my Calculator Forum has written the original HP-35 emulator to run on an Arduboy. So I bought an Arduboy clone and I’m stuck. When you switch it on you really need a microscope to see what’s on the screen. I believe it came with the HP-35 already loaded. It vaguely after close examination with a magnifying glass possibly resembles a keyboard and the buttons do move a cursor around the screen. Each key though seems to have a character (say an 8) but then it’s got horizontal lines going across. I followed a tutorial on YouTube to load the Arduino IDE. > However I don’t believe the drivers are getting loaded as I have an unknown device in Device Manager. Does it matter which of the left or right micro USB ports you connect to my laptop?

In the IDE software which of the many Arduino boards offered in the drop down list of boards do I choose. If I try and write/compile/upload a program (I’ve been following a decent YouTube tutorial) it nags for a port number, BUT the port selection in the IDE Software is greyed out, making me think I haven’t got the Arduboy talking to the laptop yet? Can anyone help me please? Dennis


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I assume this clone has a little 0.96" screen? What other details can you post about it? Processor, screen type, etc? Maybe a pic or two of the device might help.

The calculator definitely works - you can see it running here > What if... Arduboy was a... calculator

I wonder if the horizontal lines are due to an incompatibility of the screen to the original Arduboy libraries (there a plenty of different screen types around) or if some of the wiring has come lose in transit.

In the IDE you need to select Leonardo board and you also need to install the Arduboy2 library. you can do this through the library manager (sketch>libraries >Manage > type Arduboy in search field)

If you’re using a Pre Windows 10 computer, you need to install drivers. Connect your Arduboy (clone), open device manager see if there’s a device with question mark, right click it and install the driver manually by browsing to the Arduino\drivers folder.

A picture of your Arduboy Clone could be helpful too.

This community is fantastic! No man behind!

Thanks for the reply:-

The guy is still selling them on eBay.



This is a photo of my screen - I did ask him to install the HP-35 for me, so I don’t know if this is what my screen is trying to show. I’ve never had anything readable come up on it - just what’s on the photos I’ve taken below. I’ve noticed ‘working’ models seem to come up quite clearly with ‘ARDUBOY’. If he has installed the HP-35 would it ‘boot’ straight into that at start up?

I’ve tried to send him some photos, but eBay blocks them. I managed to send him some questions - part of which was ‘can make out ARDUBOY in tiny retro font and there seems to be the whole alphabet inside little squares with horizontal lines - a keyboard?’. Did you manage to put the HP-35 software on and run it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
his reply was ‘

‘The arduino ide is terrible. If you follow the instructions on this page https://arduboy.ried.cl/ - Really this is the easiest method to flash the games’.

The easiest way to get software onto the arduboy is to follow this guide https://arduboy.ried.cl/
The upper usb is for charging and the lower for software.
If you have any problems, please let know.’

My screens look like this:-

The other thing I’ve noticed, which has been there all the time since I got it, is that the bottom right side of the tiny screen seems to have the corner broken off but doesn’t extend as far as the usable area of the screen?

The guy seems genuine enough - I did have to wait for delivery because he was on holiday and has answered questions, but briefly. It’s difficult communicating by just eBay emails. If the corner shouldn’t be like that I’m pretty sure he would replace it.

Here’s the best picture I can show you of my screen:-



P.S. I have a number of small spare screens - is it possible to drive another screen by somehow attaching it to the 7 exposed pins at the top of the screen?

Leave the Planet (tlalticpac) in a better shape than when you first found it.

Maybe … there are a number of similar looking but different screens available. The Arduboy uses an SSD1306 screen - do you have one of those?

I looked at the eBay site and from the photos there it looks like the right screen but its hard to tell. I would be contacting the seller and pointing out the damage to your screen as it should not be like that. Is this the problem? I don’t know but I would look at that issue first.

I don’t know if it’s him selling them, but that’s @JuiceLizard’s logo on the board,
and his game being played in the photos.

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He’s offered me an eBay return - I think the corner of the screen got broken off in transit. I’ve said I’m happy to do a straight swop for a working model.
His name is Ian and he lives in Leeds UK - about 30 miles from me in Sheffield!

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So it is … good spotting!

You should pop down and see him. He can guide you through flashing new programs onto the board.


Which one of his games? I had 20/20 vision in 1968 when I went on the RAF Officer selection 2 weeks at Biggin Hill. Now I can still see for miles away but need X4 reading glasses!

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Square Nose:

I believe my grandfather’s vision was like that.
I seem to have the opposite problem.

Failing that he could drive down here, but he’d have quite a bit further to go. :P

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Wasn’t @JuiceLizard French?

Oui. Je n’ai pas participé à l’élaboration de ces Arduboy fait maison édition spéciale “Square Nose”, mais je trouve ça assez cool (et je ne pense pas que Ian Davison se fasse énormément d’argent avec ce projet, donc c’est OK).

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@JuiceLizard lol J’ai surtout dis ça pour savoir si c’était toi le vendeur. Donc merci pour la réponse :wink:

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Hum it’s seems the console has just been broken in the transit, no luck but it’s cool as it seems there will be an happy end with replacement (maybe Ian could add some more bubble to protect as hardware is enough resistant).

If your eyesight is not what it used to be … maybe you should hit @serisman up for a ArduBogBoy!


I certainly hope it hasn’t been fished out of the bog. :P