[OUTDATED] Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 9 - Mapping DinoSmasher

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I think he reeeaaaallllllyyyyy wants @crait to finish the series.

BTW @GlitchJomo these tutorials are getting a little old and refer to the original Arduboy library which is no longer being supported. The latest Arduboy library - brilliantly called Arduboy2 - adds more functionality, cleans up a lot of the existing issues and is being maintained.

While waiting for the next article to arrive, you might want to look at the differences between the two. For the most part, upgrading is really simple.


Lol! Really sorry about that @Pharap and @filmote. Honestly no rush if @crait is busy. It was my first day in the community and I was eager to get involved. I guess commenting on all of his lessons clearly wasn’t the way to go :thinking:. Also, I’m looking to start on the Side Scroller lessons as soon as I can. I apologise if this has already been addressed somewhere, but, on a separate note, when making my own sprite, it converted the transparent pixels to white when putting it into code. Is there any way to stop this as it blocked the tiled background I had and looked kinda weird.


No problems …

You need to learn about masks to render the images with ‘transparent pixels’.

The original Arduboy library does not handle them and this is one of the things that appeared in Arduboy2. The very first lesson of the sideways scroller articles introduces masks.


Thanks! I’ll have a look.

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I REALLY appreciate these tutorials. I don’t do the Twitter is there some other way to show my appreciation?

I’m also really glad you are showing the 2D arrays of images method of doing sprites, because it applies to many more use cases than just Arduboy, and is something that I’ve been trying to learn. I don’t want to know the abstracted way before I know how it works. So, thanks for that.

Oh no! I just realized this is the last one posted :(.

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Im looking forward to see the next part :slightly_smiling_face: and perhaps mor parts ? :blush:

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THIS TUTORIAL IS OUT OF DATE! Please check out the UPDATED version, here: Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 9 - Mapping DinoSmasher

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