Overheating Display?

This is my first introduction to the Arduboy.
I have a problem resetting the Arduboy FX while compiling and uploading the code samples. The problem occurs when I have compiled a example that displays the map on the Arduboy FX. If I make a few adjustments to the map data and compile the program again while the map is still visible, the Arduboy FX often won’t reset. The display turns black and the bottom edge of the display becomes very hot. I can now only reset the Arduboy FX with the Up button or the reset button. It is not possible to load another game.
If I have only text on the screen or I compiled the full code of the “Border the map” example and slide the map all the way to the left, the Arduboy FX will reset after an adjustment.
Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Are you possibly using an Arduboy FX clone? They can be pretty weird sometimes. I’ve never heard of something like this, but when you say compile, do you mean upload?

If you think it possibly might be an issue with your Arduboy, you could always contact support.

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Thank you very much for your quick response. It is an original Arduboy FX. By compiling I meant compiling the source code and uploading it. I’m just trying “Catacombs of the Damned”. The game is installed but then the display remains black. If you turn the Ardubouy FX off and on again and press the A button, the game will just start. Even when I scroll through the games in the boot menu, the display sometimes disappears. Some games work directly, others have display problems (LED and sound does work). Is there anything I can do about this myself? otherwise I will contact support. Thanks again.

Catacombs of the damned is a special case because it (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here) removes the USB interface to be able to save flash memory. What you need to do when uploading big games (Arduventure, Catacombs of the damned, etc) is enter flashlight mode, then upload. You can find a post here which explains what you need to do.

As for the issues with the screen, are there any static pixels which are always white? Happened to me with one of my Arduboy clones but I suspect it was just a damaged screen in which case it might be a problem universal to all OLED displays. It sounds like it’s an issue with your screen, but try uploading a new game first, it might fix a few things. If not, then contacting support will probably the the best choice.

If the screen went black (see my first post) the flashlight mode or reset button was the only way to upload another program. The display has no static pixels and other games work normally again, but if I follow the examples from the tutorial I have the same problem. I saw that the display controller has become so hot that the plastic case has melted. I’m contacting support. Thank you for your help

I just got your email, can help you there. Since this is hardware related I’m going to move it to a new post.

My guess is you somehow either have a defective or damaged charge pump inside the OLED controller glass on chip. It generates 12v in there and it’s right up against the plastic.

This is highly irregular and I’ve never encountered this. For sure I’ll be able to help get it fixed. I guess we are probably all curious to see if you have a picture of this but once I help get your unit fixed I’ll probably take the post down.

Thank you very much for your quick response and service.
On the photo you can see right in the middle under the display that the plastic has melted.

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Frank van de

Oh, “thankfully” that is just the plastic sticker on the oled. I thought you meant the heat was strong enough to actually get the acyrlic front cover.

I have actually seen this before and it is a failure of the voltage booster in the oled controller. It sounds like a defective unit. I have done this before by trying to power it by 10 volts… I’ve contacted you via email I can help repair or replace it for you.

… or actually I can’t tell is it actually the acrylic front cover? like… can you feel a bump???

There is no plastic sticker on the Arduboy anymore and I feel a small bump.

Damn that’s super weird, sounds like we will get pimoroni to replace it but I’m wondering I should probably get the unit from you to disassemble it to see what went wrong.

your shorting pins happened to me once!