Overpriced Arduboys

I was browsing Ebay for special edition Arduboys, and I noticed something strange. A lot of Arduboys are selling for $60 - $80 USD. Every time I check, there is nothing special about them, just normal white.

I can find an Arduboy new and in stock on multiple verified retailers for $49.99 USD. Is there any reason why the prices are this high?

I think it may have to do with shipping and customs fees.

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Ebay probably isn’t the best place to look anyway.
Aside from the customs and shipping fees mentioned by @crait, it’s possible that people buy up stock and try to sell them on for a profit.

The best options are to buy directly from Arduboy:


Or if they’re out of stock (like they are when I’m writing this), try the recommended retailers:


Since you’re in the US, you’re best off grabbing one from Adafruit:

Someone based in Britain would usually be best off going to Pimoroni:


Yeah, I bought my Arduboy from Adafruit.

I was just checking Ebay for limited editions. It is what @crait said, the customs and shipping bring the price up a ton.

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Colour editions are probably worth more anyway.

One of the reasons we keep forgetting:
The buttons (metal domes) are MADE OF GOLD!!!
And the connector too…that is why it(edge of the holes) bent slightly the first time I plug the cord in.

Thinking twice, these little things cost 66% price just by the material they are made of.
One gram of gold was some 40$ these days!

Now that this was something to brag about.
“This ain’t a normal gameboy.You can program this, and it got REAL GOLD in it. Mmm…Shiny!”
Just compare the connector to the copper circuitry. (the Arduboy logo on the board will do)

I asume that is why.
Such a bummer that my Arduboy died :cry:

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