OVNI - Remake "Flying saucer"

Hello, I would like to present a game that I am making that is in Beta phase. Many adjustments and details remain to be made. It is still necessary to polish it.

The game is a tribute to a machine that I had when I was little. It was called “Flying Saucer” and was “Q&Q LCD card game” brand.

During my childhood this machine made me really enjoy and for that reason I wanted to make this remake in Arduboy.

Hope you like.



I am not familiar with the game but like most G&W games it looks like it fits the Arduboy really well.

Will you be sharing the code?


How close is it to being finished and/or released?
I presume it will run on an ordinary Arduboy and doesn’t rely on the FX mod?

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I am keen to know as well!