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Gameplay VIDEO

so like, last year i released a fun little game called Quadrastic, and started to mess around with the gameplay and theam for it… after a few days i finished a pac-man inspired version but never released it because i was just to lazy to make a banner and screenshot for the arduboy manager program… yea im super lazy sometimes, anyway along with other factors in my life i had to step away from being in front of a computer screen for long periods of time.

title1 screenscreen01

i finally got around to dusting off my arduboy and decided its time to make a banner and upload the arduboy file.

here’s the link:
im too lazy to upload to github so yea :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE 2: game now updated to version 1.1
What’s new?
-Added new retro gameplay mechanic… Warp zones!
-Removed Serial Communication to optimize performance in emulators (i hope)
-Added new tunes along with some different sound effects
-Added new “death” animation



(For the record, there are some of us who usually only compile code and don’t keep a .hex/arduboy loader around.)

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looks like they changed the way github works now, i cant just copy paste my code into it, now it has me going trough all these hoops and stuff. too bad, i never liked github to begin with and now they made it even harder to upload code to it. :frowning:

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You can just set up a repo, select ‘Upload Files’ and drag all your files over.
It will even copy directory structure.

Github’s easier to use than command line git.

i dont see an “upload files” button

Oh, that’s because you didn’t tick “Initialize this repository with a README”, and you didn’t opt to add a licence or gitignore.
(I recommend having both a readme and a licence file.)

Try making it again, but tick the box to add a readme.

Also you don’t need to host on imgur, you can upload images to the forums.

alright, there you go…

thanks for the help.


No problem.
To be honest, once upon a time I hated github.
But over time it’s ended up being my favourite place for hosting code.

If you ever have any other questions about Github,
don’t hesitate to ask for advice on the forum.
There’s a number of people here who know Github quite well.
(Some even know how to use command line git :P.)

Anyway, Thanks for adding a link to the source.
I’m grateful for it and I’m sure others are as well.
Like I said before, for some users the source is easier to work with.

(Also let me know if you want the posts about github removed if you don’t want them cluttering your game’s thread.)

Yep … those who own a Mac.

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You just get used to it over time.

About the game, I like how things look on the menu screen, but I believe that the sprites could be better…
no offence, it was a well-polished game.

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