Packaging fail! Missing URL

I just received my ab, opened it an near it I saw a link, search it and ti doesn’t work!!

why are you advertising a not-working link?

followed by two hyperlink fails…

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fixed it!
deleted the “!” before the hyperlink by mistake.

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Possibly something got lost in translation this is certainly something @bateske or @Celinebins should look into.

I think that is a typo, because the correct link is

ps: lol just kidding


hahaha great joke!
but thank you very much I was searching for that link!

This is because it used to be a functioning link but it probably got changed a couple of months back when the new quickstart guide was introduced.

I think the easiest solution would be to reroute to rather than changing the packaging, which would be expensive.

oops we need to make a landing page. We had these printed then forgot to make the website.

Also, they are all in upside down!