Painted Arduboy case

I fancied a translucent colored front case for a while and decided to hava a go on using Tamiya Polycarbonate spray paint after getting a few test subjects (Thanks @bateske). These paints are specially made for use on polycarbonate plastics and are elastic so it wont crack. Perfect for Arduboy :smiley:

I’m pretty satisfIed withmy first attempt using Tamiya PS-44 translucent green :heart_eyes:

Note you apply this paint on the inside of the case. So the OLED display area and the screw holes need to be masked off using masking tape. On this attempt I masked off the complete OLED area which results in seeing a bit white of the circuitboard. Masking off just the visable OLED display area will prevent this.

Don’t forget to mask off the RGB LED if you want a window. To clear the RGB LED afterwards or to remove leaked paint in display area or outside edges you can use polycarbonate cleaner


Very cool …    

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Will this possibly cover the many micro-scratches that appear on the polycarbonate (or make them not visible)? If thats the case, ILL GET A DOZEN! \s

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That looks really cool.


Wow! This looks beautiful!


The paint is applied on the inside. So I doubt it. Also the display area is not painted.

Whatever, seems very nice anyway,

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This looks so much cooler than my Quality street wrapper.


What a coincidence. I also bought a translucent purple spraycan :slightly_smiling_face: I will try that on the next one :grinning:


If purple looks as cool as I’m hoping then I might have to go out and buy my own can.

Might want to mask off the area above the RGB LED, as well, if you still want to see the proper RGB colours.

I couldn’t cut a nice small circle out of masking tape. I have two ideas to make a little round led window. One is to remove the paint with some polycarbonate cleaner (that still needs to arrive). The other is using a rotary tool. Using the later also creates a little diffuse lens for the RGB LED. I haven’t made up my mind yet which method I’ll use.

Dude!! This looks so rad!!

I have a set of circular punches that I use for this sort of thing.

What polycarbonate paint did you use? I dont want to accidentaly get a can for cars and have my cover melt as I apply the paint xd

I used Tamiya PS (PolycarbonateSpray) paint.


Which type of green? Translucent? Metallic?

Just read the post, sorry for the dumb question.

I chose PS-44 for translucent green (and PS-45 for translucent purple). But you can choose any color you like.

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Do you have Black? I wanted to do tinted plastic for the special edition.

Would also be curious to what it looks like if you also paint the screen area, just to see how much the OLED shows through still.

Looks nice!

No, but if the purple turns out good. I’ll buy two more colors PS-31 Smoke (translucent black) and one yet to determine

I put the painted green area on the display and it doesn’t look good. the Pixels get blurry and the pixels are more white with a tint of green then green. The reason for this probably is that the OLED emits white light that passes the green paint once where the Arduboys PCB reflects light that passes through the green paint twice.

I used a rotary tool to make a clear diffured window for the RGB LED. Made a small slip in the process but it still turned out acceptable. I’ll see if I can find a small round mask for the next attempt for a clear RGB window

Here’s an update with those Arduventure Gold buttons :smiley: