Pawn Path - Puzzle path walker game

PawnPath.ino.leonardo.hex (68.1 KB)

Pawn Path is a small trial puzzle game.
Get the highest score possible in the Endless mode and share it below! :slight_smile:

Game modes:

  • Endless: randomly generated maps, luck is part of the fun!
  • Classic: some simplistic challenges, activate all the buttons in the level to continue
  • Advance: same rules as in endless mode, but with handmade levels


  • Pad: Movement
  • B Button: Pause
  • A Button: Action


Notes for V0.1:

  • There is a 999 level cap in endless mode, 20 on classic, and 15 on advance mode
  • There are known issues with endless mode, but none are game breaking.
  • No save system

Notes for V0.2:

  • Fixed known issues in endless mode.
  • Increased difficulty in endless mode levels.

Notes for V0.3 (In progress):

  • Graphical updates


Have fun! :slight_smile:


I never load a game into my Arduboy if I can’t examine the source (personal policy).


fine :roll_eyes:… since I playtest it just now and it seems “decent”, I will update the post and make it public :slight_smile: like my other projects here.

Really nicely done!


I am waiting to see @Pharap’s version … there is plenty of room for variations.

Agree, and your version with @Vampirics’s help will be nice to have too. You guys make really good games!

I definitely like this! It’s really cool to fit 999+ levels into one game. Good work! :clap:


I still haven’t had chance to sit down and design any levels or graphics.
I haven’t touched my code at all since uploading it to the other thread.

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