PE2/HWB pin not working for CS of FLASH CHIP

I am using the below configuration… and flash the homemade arduboy using arduino UNO as arduinoISP

while I try to use PE2/HWB pin for CS of flash chip i am only getting the USB boot logo in the screen still i use the python utility for uploading the games… it got upload successfully but in the display i only get the USB boot logo…

But one thing while i changed FLASH SELECT to Rx and burn the bootloader again every thing works fine as below

I cant understand what is the issue in the both case i am using 5v in flash chip… and only put a 0.1uf capacitor in between +5v to gnd nothing else…

By default in ARDUINO LEONARDO the PE2/HWB is connected to ground through a register. I disconnected that pin from ground and use that pin to CS of FLASH… did i made anything wrong?

Or i have to recompile the games for using the PE2/HWB pin to CS of FLASH??

Currently the only bootloader that supports PE2/HWB is for the Arduboy mini.

Your settings in tools menu screenshot above are the same as for Arduboy mini so you can select Arduboy mini as board and flash the bootloader again.

Also when you use the Cart builder website, make sure you use the link for the Arduboy mini. Otherwise FX enabled games will not run correctly.

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ok @Mr.Blinky i will try this method once i reach to my home… if i get any issue I will inform you as soon as possible… So that mean i don’t have to recompile the games ?

And i will keep this in my mind…

No you do not need to recompile games in order to get the bootloader to work.

You only need to recompile games if they are 1 FX enabled games and 2 where not compiled for the Arduboy mini.

BTW you’ve hidden the flash chip well in the above images.

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: no no the flash chip is playing hide and seek with you…I connect the male jumpers directly to the flash chip… :joy: i will post every thing and images properly once i reached to my home you will definitely laugh once you see how the flash chip is swing with the wires :rofl: :rofl:

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ok @Mr.Blinky i will try the method which you have taught to me…

  1. I will use the arduboy mini as board and burn the bootloader.
  2. i will use the cart builder as below link

Then i will show you the result…

Here is the flash chip :sweat_smile: :joy::rofl:

Surrounded with male jupers… now i am going to do the belows… if i encounter with any issue i will ask you…sir.

Yup :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks @Mr.Blinky its working… now only i boot the arduboy mini as board… no file change nothing… its working… but i will follow your rule i will use the cart builder as arduboy mini…

Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Floating flash chip! :smiley:

Good to see you’ve got it working now :+1:

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Yes sir without you impossible :innocent:

I have a plan to put this into 30mm * 30mm box😇 with all the features like i2c,uart,spi…

Nice! Looking forward to you see the result!

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@Mr.Blinky can i use the adc pin as cs for spi communication? Because in the arduboy mini there only 2 adc pin left as you know …so without cs pin how can we use SPI ?