Petitseq - petit size sequencer for arduboy

I made simple sequencer for arduboy.

  • 8-step * 5 patterns
  • 8 tracks * 2 channels!

Let’s crate petit size music!

(previously I created Nanoseq : , petitseq is more functionanal than Nanoseq.)



Funky. The ‘TRACK’ has a Link’s Awakening vibe.

(I was going to put an afro or a disco ball in, but the emoji palette didn’t have either. Nor did they have the flags of England, Scotland or Wales. Very few of them are actually useful.:face_with_monocle:)

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Simple and rational interface.
nice wrok!

report. output/petitseq.hex file can’t sound.
but source code from compiling can sound.

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Thanks for your report.
but I can’t reproduce the situation.

If your Arduboy is in mute mode, please check below instruction.

Let’s crate petit size music!


fix my arduboy. thank you advice.
osawagase simasita. orz


30min kakete nazo no music dekimasita.(i made orginal music)


TL: sorry for making a fuss (over nothing).
(In case googling ‘orz’ didn’t give it away.)
I think ‘simasita’ should be ‘shimashita’ though.

To which the proper response is probably もんだいない (mondainai - ‘it’s not a problem’)…
(I’m not an expert, please don’t shoot me for trying.)
*quietly eats senbei in corner* :rice_cracker:


What a cool little app. Imagine if Kraftwerk had this early on …

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We need audio output! Big focus on audio in new hardware. :slight_smile:

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