Picking A Name

I thought I’d jump in and make this thread so we’ve got somewhere to discuss the name.

Here’s a poll with everything I could find that’s been suggested so far:

  • Super Arduboy
  • Arduboy +
  • Arduboy X
  • Arduboy Flash
  • Ardugirl
  • Arduboy Advance
  • Arduboy Unlimited
  • Arduboy Infinity
  • Arduboy Supercharge
  • Arduboy Ultra
  • Fat Arduboy
  • Arduboy FX
  • Something else!?

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I think we’ve got about 9 people.
Unfortunately doing “@TeamFalcon” doesn’t seem to work, so I’ll mention everyone individually.

@bateske, @Pharap, @veritazz, @crait, @Botisaurus, @filmote, @Mr.Blinky, @luxregina, @jhhoward

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It’s almost certainly Arduboy FX, I like it too much but lets see where this goes.


Is there a way to make @TeamFalcon work for alerting the whole team?

It might be useful for the big announcements.

Can we make it so that we can vote for multiple names in the poll?

We’d have to reset the poll to do that.

It’s unanimous, even if number 9 votes differently the name is going to be “Arduboy FX”.

(But the category may as well stay ‘Project Falcon’ for now, because it sounds cool.)


Everybody is prefacing their development topic “XL” - as in “Extra Large” - which sounds like a better moniker than “FX” to me :slight_smile: Although I do not mind FX either …

That’s a good point how come you are calling your games XL not FX? lol

because for a minute I thought I had miss-read, and that the name was Arduboy XL :slight_smile: