Picovaders - a space invaders-like shooting game




picovaders is a space invaders-like shooting game for Arduboy.


Move the cannon and hit the aliens and UFOs.

You have 3 cannons. One cannon will be added when your score reached 1500 points.

  • Start : A button, or B button for silent mode.

  • Move : LEFT and RIGHT


  1. Download Zip or Git Clone from: https://github.com/boochow/picovaders

  2. Open picovaders.ino with Arduino IDE

  3. Upload to your Arduboy


You may need a magnifying glass :slight_smile:


Version 1.0

This is my second game for Arduboy.
I used Proton Arduboy Simulator for main. It is a really awesome tool.


ive been waiting for a space invaders port and this is really really good. well done!

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I’m naturally short-sighted. I need glasses to read because a handheld book is too far away! So, I am ideally equipped to just take off my glasses, hold my Arduboy up close, and say that this is a fantastic version of this game.

Excellent work!


Thank you guys, I have updated the code to fix some minor bugs.

@Eli_David_Morgan, there is ports from games for Gamebuino including invaders, pacman, etc.
see this thread:

Good work on the game I always think space invaders when I play such games are classic!!!:relieved:

I love this game! So similar to the original space invaders. I like that you use pico in the name (pico meaning small) because this game is tiny! Love the pocket sized fun! My personal best is the beginning of round three

New high score! 5240