PiCross [1.0]

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Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

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Classic PiCross game with 300 puzzles ranging in size from 5x5 to 16x16.

The 5x5 puzzles are ‘borrowed’ from @Candyleader’s great version of PiCross which can be found here.

Game play is stored in the EEPROM and allows you to turn the Arduboy off and back on again and resume where you left off. To quit a puzzle without completing it, press the A and B button simultaneously to reveal the ‘Leave Game’ dialogue - press A to quit or B to cancel.

Note: To fit the 300 puzzles, I have removed the USB stack. If you face problems uploading a new game, you can enter the boot loader by pressing the down button for a few seconds from the title screen.

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Oh nice!

You’ve basically done everything I thought was missing from picross_a, persistence and bigger puzzles.

It looks rad I’m gonna check it out now.

oh and it looks like you have helpers to show completion too! I always meant to add that but I don’t think I did. Basically looks like you’ve made what I was aiming for haha. Rad!


Saving the puzzles to EEPROM was a big thing for me - especially for the bigger puzzles. The small screen unfortunately means there is a lot of scrolling though.

This is really awesome! I can see this one staying on my Arduboy for a very long time.


Thanks @raspberrybrain … it turns out that at least one of the puzzles can be solved multiple ways as @Pharap pointed out to me. If you discover any more post up some pictures!

Your game was the inspiration for this. I loved the puzzle selector in your game which showed completed puzzles and I have modeled this in my version.

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Will do!

Not related to the game file, but I noticed your GitHub repository page has the README from the Curse of Astarok.

LOL … that’s poor form isn’t it. I copied a bunch of files across from one game I was working on to another and forgot about the readme. I will get on to it.

I noticed this too. I was going to tell @filmote but I had no idea he was planning to publish today.

All fixed!


I have changed the repo structure to include a folder named PiCross which circumvents the problem those using the Arduino IDE often face with the ‘master’ suffix. Thanks @pharap for the reminder!


I tried one of the 16x16 puzzles just to see what I’m in for later. You’re not kidding, that’s hard stuff!

How do you rate yourself as a player? There are many tactics … https://www.thonky.com/picross/

My favourite tactic is to simply write a nonogram solver and let my computer solve them all for me. :P

I remember a while back GCHQ did a challenge where one of the steps involved solving a nonogram that ended up being a QR code when solved.

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I’m not great, so that guide was actually pretty helpful. @Pharap might’ve already found this, but 6x6 puzzle number 9 could be solved a different way (I didn’t fill in the last one so I could get the screenshot).


Yes… With symetric images this can happen…

The one I found an unintended solution for was 6x6-2.

It’s not a big deal at all, I’m just letting @filmote know since he asked.


Yes … I am wondering just how many there might be.


Just started playing this gem on arduboy. Never heard of picross or nonogram as it is also known. Apparently game was developed in japan circa 1987.

Yes, its a nice simple game and lends itself tot he Arduboy. What level have you got to?