Piezo Speaker Sound Pressure vs Frequency

Hello All,

This is my first post here, since picking up an Arduboy to fool around with. The short of it is that I have been working on a game for a month or two that makes extensive use of sound, and I have been wondering if the piezo part in the Arduboy has any documentation. I searched here, and couldn’t find any schematic with part numbers for it, and I do not really want to disassemble my own Arduboy to poke around yet.

Specifically, I’m looking for some data like this (taken from some random speaker datasheet):

I would like to know the relationship between SPL and Frequency so that I can more precisely limit the frequencies I produce to be within a nice, loud range for the speaker. In general, of course, most buzzers are tuned to the mid-to-upper range of human audible frequencies. Having some more precise info would be cool, though.

Thanks for any help in advance, and I look forward to showing people here what I have created, when it’s ready for sharing.

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There was a picture of the Arduboy opened up to show the names on the PCB - I cannot find it but it is on the site somewhere - it may show enough detail for you to identify the speaker. Maybe someone can point @shiyouganai to it?

I don’t think there’s a part number on the piezo.
If your lucky there may be some info buried in the kickstarter comments but I think you’ll have to contact @bateske or seeed.

Thank you both for the responses. I suppose that this is a question best suited for @bateske to answer, if possible.

Thanks again for any assistance.

No clue where they are on the forum, but fortunately I have both saved.
Neither provide any info on what the speaker it is as far as I can tell,
but at least it shows what pins it’s hooked up to.

It looks to me like different speakers are being used for different boards.

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Dude what is that from? I didn’t know my name was on a circuit board! :slight_smile:

I feel shame I just realised I’ve still not got round to playing the game.