Pimoroni Arduboy Video

Our friends over at Pimoroni who are distributing in the UK did a review video of the Arduboy. Check it out!

P.S. The reason they weren’t able to program the unit was because they didn’t select the correct port!


Don’t follow the advice to put new sketches in the library’s examples folder.


Personally I keep them in a folder on a flash drive labeld arduboy games

Strange how this never got noticed before. Quite interesting.

(Also: yay, fellow Britons. And the ‘secret’ mural.)

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Ya there is an issue with interesting posts getting shoved down to the bottom. Theoretically the blog should help solve that but I’ve been quite bad at updating it.

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Heck, I wasn’t even aware there was a blog.

I guess Twitter would help for most people (i.e. everyone but me).

At least it’s been partly recognised now, better late than never.

Nice to see the guys behind Pimoroni. I ordered a Arduboy from them last weekend. Can’t wait to get it! :sunny:

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Here is the link to purchase one if anyone is interested!