Plastic buttons replacement


I have 2 questions, probably mostly for @bateske or @Celinebins

  1. Can I buy a set of the plastic buttons? (2x round, 4x directional)

  2. Can you share the 3d models for the buttons to try to 3d print them? (I can make my own but I guess it is going to be a lot of fiddling)

I managed to melt the buttons trying to paint them -_-


I’m not even going to ask how you managed that.
I expect I’d get an answer involving acid-based paint or microwaves, or a flamethrower :P.


It would be nice to see a stock of parts available in the store

  • Shells
  • Buttons
  • Screws

@eried I’m guessing you used a cellulose based paint? I know it doesn’t help you now but you can buy a primer for plastics in car accessory shops.


And a replacement for the battery.


Actually was the paint thinner. I used a paint pen (those with a ball inside) and thinner to clean some mistakes in the coating. All the outer layer was eaten by that combination, in conclusion: I have now exclusive very tiny mate buttons that do not hold inside the case (the thin ring was eaten too)

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A temporal option:

You can find similar screws in assortments like

For 5 bucks I am guessing that is cheaper than getting 4 screws shipped from USA. What you need is M1.5 x 3 mm (head diameter 3.6 mm <- not that common in those packs).

But I agree, replacements would be nice.


So actually we don’t have any extra buttons to sell… yet…

Funny story, the minimum order quantity for buttons is 10,000 units from our factory. But only need 750 gold buttons for the arduventure.

So we’re about to have way too many gold plastic buttons, let me talk to the factory what we can do to sell them. Gold only but yeah you can paint them.


How about putting 4x directional + 4x A / B (2 spare) buttons in a spare part/customize kit in the online store?


That is even better! I prefer the gold ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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I found some DS Lite buttons and thought I would give them a try whilst they fit pretty well they lack the nib that pushes the dome.

I will dismantle a GBA SP later I think they may be a better fit.

PSP buttons and dpad may fit with a trim but may be on the large side.

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The idea of older consoles being dismantled makes me sad ; n ;.

I think 3D printing is probably a better answer.

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It’s all in the name of science and I’ve one that needs a repair knocking around.

No live consoles have been harmed in the process.

@bateske can we order golden buttons? I want to help you to sort out the inventory by clearing surplus :smiley:

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There’s something about a factory full of gold buttons


True, but there is also a couple of problems:


Almost ready to print!

First attempt:

Too tight :confused:


Only 0.5mm of free play, super tough to get it just right. Took us a long time even with the precious of injection molding.

Whenever I did prototype parts I had to hand sand them to just the right thickness

I can see that, but creating them from scratch as you did is harder. I just copied the original ones. It is strange that the lip in the directional buttons is thinner than the round ones.

I am just trying to find a reliable way to create the “pointy” bump to press the button dome

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@eried maybe you can try acetone smoothing to make them less tight.


doesn’t paint thinner make them smaller?