Plastic buttons replacement

I kinda like the rough finish :slight_smile: also they feel smooth, the problem is because FDM printing is layered from the bottom, so you cannot get the same shapes as in injection molding (which has several other different limitations)

As an example:

If I want a smooth curved top part, I cannot have the protruding tip below.

But I think I found a solution already, after a few hundred quick tests.

Yes, smoothing with acetone is mostly for the “looks” not for precision. Also is not that effective in PLA.

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That is why the directional buttons feel better–they pop up better.

And then I “destroyed” my round buttons because I was trying to improve their “feel” by sanding their protruding “needles”, and now I got two round buttons that don’t work
Then I folded some paper tissue into it and it worked fine
But yeah. are there those buttons on sale?

What are they made of? Yellow-iron,gold-colored plastic or real gold?
We already have real gold tactile domes… :slight_smile:
I am not really into gold ones, though.
Won’t screw things up by painting them.