Playing Arduboy FX on a CRT (and hello!)

Well, sort of!

I’ve had the Arduboy FX for some time now and have been exploring the pack-ins. I learned of it through a Ben Heck workshop at Midwest Gaming this year where we built a similar albeit much more crude and single-title handheld but used similar OLED display and software path.

I also have an interest in CRTs and 80s-90s gaming, so thought it’d be fun to combine the two. I hooked up an old Atlas 600 magnification machine to a 20" TV via S-Video… Knowing how quiet the internal speaker is I also routed an audio cable out to connect to any auxiliary speaker (or to split into RCA stereo, where I can then route it directly to the TV).

With all of this setup in place I can play a magnified, analogified (new word) version on the set to give it a sort of retro “Super Game Boy” vibe. The Atlas has built-in filter adjustments including several high contrast color choices such as black-on-amber tones. I think it looked pretty decent and was certainly playable. I also have an old monochrome CRT magnifier that allows fine adjustment of contrast and even invert mode that can make things look rather surreal.

For the audio out, I found that you can conveniently route two wires (such as those found in common 3.5mm stereo cables) through the internal reset hole on the case for a non-destructive, easily reversible mod. Right now I just have a standard 3.5mm male end that I can plug into auxiliary, couple for use with headphones, split into RCA and so on. But if I plan to keep permanent audio out I’ll replace with a small female port to keep it more portable. The sound is really excellent when output to external speakers.

Looking forward to exploring the community and development side of things as time permits!

P.S., This was the “GameBadge” made at Midwest Gaming so you can see the similarities.


Nice low tech solution!

Nice game you are playing too :sweat_smile: