Playing old arduventure using Project ABE

So I would like to play the demo (of arduventure) but don’t want to burn my bootloader.
So I am going to use Project ABE. Where do I get the demo? How do I get it on ABE?

Why play the old when the new is available and you can point ABE to it? Have you found the old code hosted anywhere?

I have beat arduventure (new) and would like so see what the demo is like.
See here Arduventure (RPG)

Compile the source
Grab the .hex
Drag n Drop it on ProjectABE

@Pharap linked you to the demo’s in the other thread.

To get the .hex you need to turn the verbosity up in the ide and go to the file location listed.

Where do I get the .hex file.

It will be located in a temporary file after compiling.

What do you mean

What file do I use

You need to compile the source code

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The hole point of this is that I don’t need to compile the source code.

Could some one make a .hex file.

I did all of the .hex stuff but I cant find the .hex. Can some one make .hex file for


Thank you I will try this soon.

I give in.

Here’s some hexes:

I don’t know which is which, just try them all.
Use project ABE, don’t brick your Arduboy.

And add to your todo list:

  • Learn how to compile & upload code
  • Learn how to generate hexes

Very handy skills to have

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I will learn how to make a hex.

Upload to what?