Please add wireless to Arduboy

Please include the module NRF24L01+ module in the new arduboy.

Those are cheap, small as hell, and require 14ma current tops. This would introduce a capability to play multiplayer games with two arduboy’s.

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i kinda prefer this over the IR tx/rx. means kids can play in the backseat and still be buckled in.

There is a SAMR21 that has a mesh radio into it, looking at that. Don’t know crap about RF though. That’s the real challenge of releasing something with wireless it makes FCC certification more difficult.

Actually, I just realized that if the price difference isn’t significant. Could build the boards with the SAMR21, and if the default firmware doesn’t use the radio… might not need to pass FCC? hmm… That’s probably being too tricky.

Frankly I agree with this in theory, but really if we are going wireless why not build a system off the ESP32? Lol pocket sprite in arduboy clothing.


Found this Hackaday article:

Ctrl+F for ‘FCC’ and you get the following:

We asked Atmel for help with verifying the layout. That’s when we had the facepalm moment. They asked us – “What about FCC certification?” Since we plan to build the badges in quantities of a few hundred at the very least, it’s obvious we cannot escape from FCC certification. A design based around the R21 is ruled out – the cost of obtaining approval is pretty high. This means we need to punt the R21 and instead use an off-the-shelf radio module which is already FCC certified. Sigh.

Hopefully that was informative one way or another.

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Lol it’s nice to see the layout I guess. Certification process isn’t too bad, it’s around $10k, so if we are designing a new product around it, it’s not a terrible expense but… if you do in fact run into problems and have to do redesigns to get it to pass (which is usually not much) it can get complicated or expensive.

But as mentioned before, if the device as shipped does not actually emit frequencies… but I think if we published on our site on “official” ways to add the functionality it would still count.

Although, if I’m going through the trouble of the cert, might as well go whole hog and build a killer wireless system instead of some goofy mesh thing only a dozen people will actually use.


Depends what could be done with it.
If it’s enough to enable decent two player communication then it might be worth it.

To be honest I don’t think going to ESP scale is going to be a particularly popular move. Aside from the fact that would mean full wifi capability instead of just multiplayer, the chip in the ESP is a massive step up from even the SAMD21, let alone the 32U4.

The impression I get is that one of the main reasons people like the Arduboy is because of it’s on the simpler end of the scale. People want a little bit more, but they still want to stay near the simple end of the scale, closer spec-wise to the Gameboy.

Something with built in wifi capability like a chip that handles Bluetooh (providing it’s not too big a leap in spec - I think the SAMD21 is around the top end of the leap) would probably be an alright idea,
but I think an ESP is a leap too far.

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I guess I’m just kind of looking for a one chip solution, I don’t really want to add an extra radio chip, I’d prefer to find something integrated. So the SAMR21 fit’s this bill and as long as it’s being compared to the NRF24, it’s more or less the same because you can’t do bluetooth with it.

The capability to do full on bluetooth would come with like an NRF52, or could go low energy with the NRF51822 which I’ve developed for in the past and… yeah if you think Arduino is bad try to develop for nordic using mbed. The timers on that chip didn’t even work right, and were like partially implemented in software… I heard they got that fixed. The way you can swap pins is kind of handy from the routing standpoint.

Anyways, I guess I’ll ask seeed studio the difference of the SAMD vs the SAMR

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I would prefer a link cable system, not only will it stay true to the arduboys source material (GameBoy), it will also be much, much easier to program for. We could even upgrade to USB-C to make it process entire kilobytes of data! (or Ardumon if that project ever pans out xd)

I want to create a link cable system with an internal arduino to process data, but components and soldering are expensive (My only income is chores!) and most of my plans usually never pan out due to boredom and the time it takes just to get the materials.


Thats a good point about the overhead of a multiplayer wireless stack because you’ll have to account for dropped packets and such and if you’re operating in a mesh setup then with more than just a couple nodes it’s going to be tough to do anything realtime.

Link cable probably is going to be better without a significantly beefy chip or a separate radio chip that can handle some low level stuff.


Now I think about it a cable is also probably easier to replace.
(And of course, cables don’t need FCC certification.)

Data transfer speed may also depend on chip speed,
especially if the main chip is also the thing driving the data transfer.

If there was a secondary chip and DMA was used then a KB/s rate would be possible.

Offer to do tech support for people, or something.

If you’re any good at webdev, there are sometimes places that want websites done
(but don’t want to pay a fully qualified web developer).

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And, actually… I’m pretty heavily considering using USB-C on Arduboy Zero anyways because of the capability to use existing dongles to get audio output. The ability to use usb-c to c cables as a link cable seems to only make this an even better choice. The SAMD can be a usb host as well so using usb OTG adapter also possible.

So I guess the decision if there will be wireless (other than IR, still want to do IR, hello ardu-tv-b-gone-boy) basically hinges on what feedback I get from seeed studio about using the SAMR21.


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I personally hope we will be limited to link cables, it will be somewhat cheaper and more nostalgic that IR connection.

Just a thought… if multiplayer with a cable becomes real… playing online with the arduboy could be possible with an external app. A little like the old xbox when we wanted to play online for free. could connect to a online HUB and make it so that the pc you are connected to behave like if it’s an arduboy. Just a theory, not even sure if it’s worth the hassle but if the cable is still USB.

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That’s already possible with the current Arduboy. Just use the concept proposed in the following topic but talk to a server (as well).

I want IR. :slight_smile:


To my knowlage infared doesn’t work well in places with a lot of light. I think a link cable would be the wiser options because it would be cheaper, and easy to replace.

For me, IR is nostalgic.
I remember the days when Tamagotchis were IR based.
And of course, this.

IR is super nostalgic for me… My Palm Pilot, Tomagachi, Gameboy Color, Pocket Pikachu, Digivices, Skannerz… All had IR… :smiley:


I’m in for IR too. it’s cheap, easy to control and you can control a wide variety of gadgets and toys.