PLEASE HELP! my arduboy is dead

My arduboy isn’t turning on or uploading code, if I plug it in to my laptop and turn it on a little red light at the bottom left corner lights up but the arduboys not charging. I left it on charge all day and it was working in the morning when I first left it on charge but when I came back later that day it was bricked and dead. I’ve tried resetting it while uploading code but nothing is working and right now its just a really expensive paperweight so help would be nice.

PS. the arduboy isnt showing up on the port section

Is this a new or old Arduboy?

Sounds like there was a failed attempt at uploading something so now it’s just a blank screen even when the power is on. Try using the ArduManFX tool as it makes the reset dance a lot easier to perform (ie. there’s no proper timing involved).

If it doesn’t turn on and only has a red led when you plug in it might be a problem with the battery.

Please write in to and I can help repair or replace it for you.

If the red “charging” LED never goes out after being on charge for a few hours, then there’s something wrong with the battery or charge circuit.

If the red LED does go out, but it appears like nothing is happening when you turn it on, then as @tuxinator2009 says, it could be a corrupted program (or overwritten bootloader with some units). Or, it could be an actual hardware failure.

If your computer is Windows, do you get the connect sound when using the reset button?
If it’s making that sound then the computer recognises it,
which means it’s probably not dead yet and just needs a well-timed upload to revive it.

new, got it december last year.

no it doesn’t make the, duh duh duh duh sound when I press the reset button

That’s concerning then. Particularly if it was working fine with the same computer before.
If it doesn’t make that noise then the computer doesn’t recognise it,
which implies either the bootloader has been overwritten or there’s a hardware fault (as @MLXXXp suggested).

Either way, your best bet is to used the contact form mentioned in @bateske’s comment and send it away to be repaired or replaced: