Please help to find a devkit!

Hey everybody! I’m a college student studying game design and i just stumbled across the arduboy the other day. Sadly, no devkits are available anymore :frowning:

I’d appreciate it so much if anybody could direct me to where i could possibly find one, or if somebody is willing to sell. I’d love to start making games and this seems like such a cool thing and community! Thank you to anybody that can help me! :smiley:

it is still ike…

LDA #$00
STA $D020
STA $D021
LDA #$93

im sorry i dont really know what that means

I think you said “college student studying game design”?

Working out what that does is left as an exercise for the student.

yeah i figured as much… only finished one semester of college so far though so have extremely minimal knowledge of code and programming.
Partially why i was interested in the development kit. Thought it would be cool to learn some stuff and practice some design skills early

mmmmmmmmmh, i understand ^^

Self-driven learning will leverage the formal learning.

Although you won’t directly use older techniques, knowing about them gives you perspective.

Here’s a clue - the year is 1982.

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Again, sorry but i dont really know what that means or what the clue references…
Honestly just asking is somebody has a dev kit so that i can start some self-driven learning and try some stuff out with it…

Sorry if my lack of knowledge of this stuff is frustrating, really just a newcomer to all this computer stuff

LOL you guys really gone let him just tumble around. But I do agree, he could have used google to find out it was Commodore 64 6510 assembly routine

Any way @Wxpr, no DEV kits … but you can start by buying an Arduino Leonardo, add a screen and some buttons and you have the exact same thing.

if it’s about learning to code, just Arduino will do to start with.


Shame no more dev kits :confused:
But thank you! ill start there :smile:

@Wxpr, if you actually want to try building your own Arduboy compatible:
$12 Arduboy compatible system

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I have a few left maybe, if you still need one… maybe :wink: