Please make a new model of arduboy

Arduboy with a bright AMOLED screen and an analog stick

Arduboy color.

Color is more expensive, how much would you pay? :smile:

Is this something that could be accomplished by modifying the existing hardware?

What would have to be done for the analog stick?

And then, how could you add in a different screen?

Great questions for the community to think about! I’ve got too much on my plate with Arduboy 1 for now! :smile:

i would pay something like $50 - $60

i really want to buy a normal arduboy, the model that you sold on the kickstarter project.
can you please put a link here or something?

Join the waitlist on we are working on setting up pre-orders stay tuned!

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Would it be too forward to assume that you (itamarBLP) might not fully appreciate what limited hardware resources affords you? Maybe you’d like to see some history on how older/limited spec’d hardware dealt with graphics: Sorry if you do know this stuff well.