Pledged stickers


I got my Arduboy like 2 weeks ago, and I’m excited with it. The device has been working nicely and I’m proud I’m a founder and a part of this (even if it’s only by playing a lot).

The thing is that when I did my pledge, I decided to pledge more money in order to get some stickers, since I read somewhere inside the Kickstart site that it was a possible way to get some. I’ve tried to find Kevin’s email in order to avoid creating a whole topic here, but I haven’t been able to. So… Kevin! or anyone in the Arduboy team! Can I get my stickers shipped?

Love you all and love the Arduboy so much, thank you in advance,



I also want to put stickers … they would have any way to buy them and send them now. I’m a fan of the stickers since I was little boy and I love certainly would pay for them … even I would like to get in touch to tell me how to pay … PAYPAL? paypal includes my address

Oh no! In the hurry to get everything shipped there were a few special orders that may have fell through the cracks. I’ll have to check if we have any more stickers from our last batch available. If we do I can send some of those… But in thinking maybe I’ll make up a new custom design just for you and everyone else who needs one now…

What do you think? Want to post up pics of your favorite sticker designs for insipration? Or any other ideas? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry we will get them to you!

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Oh this is so cool!

Arduboy is true love. I really don’t have any preference towards it’s design I’m just a sticker lover, but I’ll try to post some, and I’d love to see the rest of the community post’s theirs too!

Thanks :slight_smile: