Plzz help me for arduino

I have a problem when checking the code

Check your boards also check library’s and check ports.

can u speak arabic

This doesn’t look like Arduboy code.

What board are you compiling for?

As far as I am aware, nobody here speaks Arabic.


Can I speak Arabic…No I can’t…But my google can!!!

تحقق من الخاص بك المجالس أيضا التحقق من المكتبة والتحقق من المنافذ.

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Awkward moment when you find out that says
My hovercraft is full of eels


Nice reference … the full MPFC is on Netflix now for those interested.

In case you were wondering:

حَوّامتي مُمْتِلئة بِأَنْقَلَيْسون

(And for Hungarian: A légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal)

Unless it’s a language thing it says yallow wire instead of yellow.

If you increase verbosity and post the error log someone may be able to help further.

That’s in a comment block.

There’s a /* at the top which extends downward, there’s no matching */ visible and all the text is coloured grey, indicating that it’s a comment.

There’s absolutely no way of knowing what the bug is from this screenshot alone.

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I wasn’t suggesting the yellow as an error more inquisitive if yallow is actually a word.

There was a Rosalyn Sussman Yalow who co-won the 1977 Noebl prize,
but otherwise no - not unless your dictionary is “urban dictionary”.

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