Pocket Fighter, an FTG


Pocket Fighter is an FTG, you can compete with your Arduboy. The CPU will repeat your actions at previous level.


D-Pad: Left/Right/Up

Move and jump

D-Pad: Down

Enter next level if win, or to the menu after game over






  1. You are always playing the bright head, your opponent is the dark head.
  2. Both fighters get up to 3 HP, one will die when all HP lost.
  3. You will enter to next level and get 1 more HP, if the opponent is defeated.
  4. The CPU will repeat your actions at previous level.
  5. Defeat your challengers, and survive as long as you can.



@crait Would you mind to add my new game to the library of Arduboy Manager. I’ve made a *.arduboy package already in the repo.


How are people supposed to play Pocket Fighter if they use a Mac or Linux system for uploading games?

They may use some command line, and replace some arguments with “atmega32u4” and “avr109”. Or must be something like an uploader with GUI.

I am personally not interested in any game that does not make its code accessible to the community. The ArduBoy is not a typical game machine, it is an educational and open source machine and comes with the community around it.

You are asking for PayPal payments for people to get hold of the game when there are around 100 free games available. Why would any sane person do that? If you want to make money off your game then there are many other options out there for you to port it to.

You have also alienated anyone with a Mac or Linux.

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Source code included as you wish.


We encourage free and open source games but it’s up to each developer to determine how to use the platform. To monetize, my suggestion would be to accept donations at this stage but I did hear tell of some people in Japan selling their game in person for around $1 US each!

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I had some reason to make a priced license at the beginning indeed, but I have nothing to claim now. I’m not lacking of one cup of coffee or beer.

The hardware itself is well done with commercial productive design and quality. Actually I was imagining some similar device, but I couldn’t do it better. The community is pretty cool too, and I know communities are often more important than the hardware with such projects. But I’d say the ecosystem is not complete without an official distribution approach, incentive mechanism for active developers, or even toolchains for each common operating system.

I enjoy some of the good games. But either as a coder or a gamer, I’m expecting something with better quality could be found here, something more than self satisfied toys.

Glad you are having fun, Arduboy is kind of an experiment and you are right the community is cool.

This summer we hope to release a platform to distribute the games easier than we have now, where users can flash new games directly from the website. We hope to have your input!

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@bateske Nice to know that news. Looking forward to the summer coming.

:cool: :sunglasses: Ayoo, whattup.

@crait :joy: Hope I can keep both Circuit Dude and whatever I’m developing at the same time on the Arduboy.



Love how difficult you can make the game for yourself on every iteration. :heart:

A few ideas I think would improve this:

  1. More move variation, if you do more per iteration it becomes harder to remember and you’ll feel more like fighting a crazed CPU
  2. Penalize in-action, e.g. health timer? (And incentivize action, get half heart for every hit?)
  3. Visual hit marker (or frame freeze like in arcade FTGs)

When I have free time I’ll try to do 2 and 3 and send a PR on your repo. But for now, I hope you don’t mind that I keep playing it on my free time instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Edits: typos, verbosity