Pocket Othello - 0.2.0

Hello Arduboys & girls,

I’m a new comer, this is my first post. I used to be a video game developer for many years, currently I do game related development as a hobby. Another interest of mine is retrocomputing. I found the Arduboy matches both of these two points.

I just began to write a simple Othello game to get familiar with the API. And everything feels so cool.

It’s still an early version for the moment. Feel free to make modifications as you wish.

Download: https://github.com/pocket-arduino/pocket_othello

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I suggest you use the Arduboy2 library instead of the Arduboy library. The original Arduboy library is no longer being developed.

Install the Arduboy2 library using the Arduino Library Manager.

Then change:

#include "Arduboy.h"


#include <Arduboy2.h>

and change:

static Arduboy arduboy;


static Arduboy2 arduboy;

Unfortunately, the Ardbuboy2 library has a struct named Point, so you’ll have to rename your local Point structure.

After that, your game will compile and run the same. The program size will be 1470 bytes less.

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Sure! Why not. I’ll use the Arduboy2 lib in the next commit.

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This game is now available on the Arduboy Manager repository.