Pocket PDA V0.8.0 - A Toy OS

Hi guys,

I’ve finished my second game (app): Pocket PDA, which is an OS turns your Arduboy into a PDA. It’s a lot of fun to play with it although the Flash and RAM is limited.

It includes seven Apps for the moment, but can barely hold more. I’d do some Flash usage reducing before introducing other Apps :S

Repository: https://github.com/pocket-arduino/pocket_pda


Pretty cool keep up the good work.

Cool! Reminds me of some old apps for PDA’s. I was thinking about doing one of these just for fun.

Thank you guys :smile:

@crait Would you add this to the Arduboy Manager?

If you provide a .arduboy file, I certainly will!

Have sent you an email. Or you may use the one in the repo: https://github.com/pocket-arduino/pocket_pda/blob/master/out/pocket_pda.arduboy


Okay, got it on the repo, finally. Also, this is actually pretty cool. You should include arrow or something to show that there is another page of apps. :smiley:


That’s a nice idea!

Hi there,

installed your prog. and works fine! But can`t install other games now. I transfer from Arduboy manager and it says transfer complet but there is still pocket PDA running. could you be so kind and help me?

Tanks a lot

Try to hold UP key while turning ON the Arduboy and try again. If that does not work check: How to Reset Arduboy if it's Bricked

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Thank you for the fast answer but both methods doesn`t work. I try now without the manager.

Ahhh doing the reset the right way and now its working!!! thanks a lot!
Now im hocked into programming and not only playing :slight_smile:

Thank you and!!!


I found a small error in the calculator app where pressing 5 would show 4 and not 5

static void onButton5Clicked(PdaOS* os, AppCalculator* app) {
onButtonNumClicked(os, app, ‘4’)

should be

static void onButton5Clicked(PdaOS* os, AppCalculator* app) {
onButtonNumClicked(os, app, ‘5’);

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