Pogo Pins are Cool

So I was browsing that there Kickstarter and came across the WiPhone and saw how they are doing the case design is very interesting:


The back is a blank PCB, but you can replace it with whatever you want with pogo pins on the back.

I am extremely interested in something like this for the future. Pogo pins are overkill, just copper fingers should be just fine. Also Arduboy would is much more thin. Would actually probably be looking at intentionally leaving a bit of negative space on the inside so chips could be installed.

Maybe the new Arduboy platform could just be the buttons and screen and it’s up to you to chose what motherboard you put in it.

Edit: The more I think about it, that would be pretty cool as the 32u4 would work very well as a GPIO processor and also a usb to serial bridge for a bigger chip.


Agreed copper fingers would probably be OK if you were not swapping the back board too often.

What if you turned it around and had PCB pads on the Arduboy and had the Pogo pins on any attachment? You could have an enclosed Arduboy with holes in the rear case to allow access to the PCB pads. This would allow the Arduboy to remain thin and would not expose the internals in normal operation. The attachment carries the bulk.

I just assembled a TinyPi Pro with these. It’s wonderful compared to the usual soldering work when building a game boy zero console.

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You mean POGO® contact probes.:P

*Sees quarter being used for size comparison…*
*Flies into fit of rage*

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From a different kickstarter image



I backed the project. I think it will fit nicely in small projects

I meant about using a 2 euro instead of a quarter.

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52% of the UK says no


Slightly less annoyed purely because euros are used in a lot more countries,
but still annoyed because it’s still a coin, which is still tied to specific countries.

My issue isn’t specifically with American coinage,
it’s with using coins (of any currency) for scale in the first place.

The beauty of a ruler is that almost anyone in almost any country can get access to a ruler with relative ease, and the units marked upon it are globally standardised.

I can say to almost anyone in the world ‘5cm’ and they’ll know what I’m saying.
But if I say “it’s about twice the size of an 50 leke coin” then a lot less people will understand.

In fairness it’s probably more than that,
I’m pretty sure even some people who want to stay in the EU would be against adopting the euro.
(Particularly the ones for whom the vote was a “don’t upset the status quo” vote rather than an “I love the EU” vote.)

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Lolz. didn’t pay attention to the thread. Just blindly replied :blush:

I got mine last week. I like the idea of this no soldering kit. However using this many pogo pins does cause a lot off mechanical stress on the PCBs causing warping after a while. For a project like the WiPhone using board to board connectors would have been a better choice IMO.

But pogo pins are cool :grin:

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The advantage to using the pogo pins or fingers on the “motherboard” (?) is that the back case doesn’t need any special hardware, just pads. Sourcing and soldering surface mount pogo pins is a royal pain.

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