Poisson-Evolution - Tiny game made with my nephew

poisson_evolution(1).hex (35.8 KB)

Hi! I just made this tiny game for fun with the help of my nephew who made most of the graphics to get used to using the arduboy.

You can find the hex files and source code on my github.

The goal is to survive. You are a tiny fish shooting lasers with A.
Once you reach a score of 10 you evolve, and you can tail whip to hit the enemies with B.
At a score of 50 you evolve to something even bigger and can eat (instant kill!) enemies with B.
From then on it’s just endless.

Tell me what you think!


Nice little game! I suggest adding some sort of timer for the bullets since you can spam them.

Particles look great too.

Just drag and drop the .hex

poisson_evolution.hex (23.6 KB)

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Oh wow it’s a really old version, I thought I could just grab the .hex in the build but it seems I need to click “export compiled binary” each time. I updated the github release.

Furthermore it says I can’t upload a file because I’m a new user…

@Ard_Flamingo could you update the hex you’ve put for me in your answer?

I’m unable to edit others’ posts so I guess we’ll have to wait until someone who can does it.

(I like how the hearts explode with particles whenever you lose one)

poisson_evolution(1).hex (35.8 KB)

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Thanks for the file! It’s a shame the emulator is too fast it’s unplayable.

EDIT : I’m not a new user anymore it seems! I could update and upload the .hex

I guess if you have a 144hz monitor on your pc, then it’s too fast, but if you have a normal 60hz monitor, everything works normal.