[POLL] Arduboy Discord Server opinion

I’m currently making a discord server for the Arduboy and like to hear some opinions.

Are you interested in joining an Arduboy Discord Server?

  • Yes, very much!!
  • Sure
  • I guess
  • idk
  • Nah
  • Nope
  • No, why would I?!
  • Other (comment below)

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Do you think there should be an Arduboy Discord Server?

  • Yes, there should definitely be one!
  • Yes, but I doubt that many people will join it…
  • idk
  • No, because I think that there aren’t many people interested
  • No, there definitely shouldn’t be one!
  • Other (comment below)

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I deleted the server as only 3 people joined it… :confused:

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Hrm, this reception seems lukewarm.
It’s a shame nobody’s explaining their choices.

I put “IDK” for the top one because I don’t really know much about Discord.

I can see it being useful for teams, but the people I team up with most are in drastically different time zones, so I don’t think it would be a particularly large benefit.

Also I don’t have a speaker, and even if I did I’d be reluctant to speak because I’m actually a quiet person.
I find it easier to type than to speak.

For the second poll I said “Yes, but I doubt that many people will join it”, because I’d like to think that people would use it, but I have doubts.
I’m not sure many people here fit the demographic Discord is most associated with.

I have joined many Discord servers in the past. I have never used the speech feature. Most people don’t.

In my experience, something like that slows communication on the forum and splinters it. We do have a Slack for a few of the more prominent members, but communication on it has really slowed down.

Plus, if someone needs help and we help them on the forum, it is easier to find for others with that same problem.

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I agree … I have been on other forums (non-tech related) where people have put up alternative communication methods - even FaceBook - and all it does is scatter information everywhere making it hard to find information.

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I think if someone wants to chat about Arduboy they should join the Slack. Adding yet another place to discuss Arduboy is likely only to splinter things further.

The Slack is open to anyone, isn’t it?

I think you need to be invited to it.

But even having a slack channel splinters the group and information.

How so? Sometimes you just need/want to talk to someone in realtime. The forum can’t do that. Discord though would be just another way to chat… like if we installed a second forum for some reason.

For private conversations and discussing your own projects then, of course, Slack is appropriate. I guess I am referring to making ‘common knowledge’ and ‘trouble shooting’ conversations / questions that can help other people available for searching.

Its a pity this forum software doesn’t have a real-time chat capability.

yes, take just care than some don’t use it in place of the forum (it’s what happen for the amebuino META, some use alot Discord and so forum is less active and it’s not what would do the Gamebuino’s company to keep informations). I may not explain it very well but yes, it’s hard to say to discord users to use forum but maybe some of them would not have use forum too if there was no Discord channel open.

I guess that means I’m not prominent because I was never invited :P

From what I’ve heard it’s only really for people who want to get involved with development.
But I’ve never been involved, so I don’t really know.
I’ve only heard bits and pieces about it.

This is a fair point.

This is where I think Discord might be good - as an alternative to PMs.
In which case it’s probably a “Slack vs Discord” issue, but I haven’t really looked into either so I currently have no opinion.

Sometimes I feel that the forum format forces me to write text walls because I can’t deliver information small chunks and wait for an “ok, I understand that” response, I have to throw everything at once, because I’m uncertain of when the other person will reply.

Although I think Discord might be a better place for general chatter.
We’re always ending up with threads that go off-piste because certain people can’t resist making terrible jokes or chatting about unrelated things.

These people really are terrible,
what kind of person would make terrible jokes on such a business-only forum?
(*hides large pile of off-topic joke comments*.) :P

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was suggested but a certain someone overruled it.
I’ve seen loads of good ideas on Discourse meta shot down almost immediately without proper debate.
My impression from Discourse meta is that the ‘great leader’ says jump and the other developers say ‘how high?’.

Okay, I have closed the poll
This is the info for the first poll:

  • 50% said “I guess”, “Yes, very much!!” or “Sure”
  • 37% said “Nah”, “Nope” or “No, why would i?!”
  • 13% said “idk” or “other”

And this is the info for the second poll:

  • 53% said Yes
  • 18% said No
  • 29% said “idk” or “Other”
  • 41% stated that there won’t be people interested in that

I’m going to post an invite just in case someone wants to join, but if it’s not very active, then I’ll delete it.
The invite can be found on the original post.

I will ask. If that’s true then we definitely should have a Discord. :slight_smile:

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You know, Arruboy isn’t the only thing I do in my life… :joy: Would love to have more opportunities to talk to you guys about other topics.

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I feel like if I started talking about normal things then I’d no longer be the mystic C++ skeleton. :P

I actually used to play Steam games a lot,
but now I spend most of my spare time do programming stuff and leaving too many comments on forums.
(More the latter than the former, I need to spend less time formulating comments…)

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I’d join Matrix/Riot or IRC group if there was one.

There is an IRC:

IIRC, nobody uses it anymore :P

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So there is no IIRC anymore and a moderator of this site has not been invited onto the shack channel - something is seriously wrong here ! :hushed:

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I didn’t vote as I don’t use Discord and don’t want to sign up for it to give it a try.

Oh there is? checking… Ah yes couple of lurkers on there. Now one more :slight_smile:

Or perhaps Minetest server anyone? :slight_smile: