[POLL] Arduventure Special Edition

Alright Arduboy fans, we want to do something special for the most anticipated Arduboy game ever: Arduventure by Team-ARG!

Would you be interested in ordering a special edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure?

  • Yes! Wow, I can’t wait, shutup and take my money!
  • Maybe, kinda depends on how much it is…
  • No, just release the game on it’s own.

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What would so special?

  • Limited Edition, we would only produce them once, and never again!
  • Custom Color Scheme: Black PCB, Black Back (with custom laser artwork), Gold Buttons
  • Custom Packaging: Created specifically for the game!
  • Special Trinket: Some kind of physical object to represent your love of 8-bit adventure gaming!

What kind of Trinket would you be most interested in?

  • High Quality 3d printed artifact
  • Plush toy: Soft toy character from the game!
  • Engraved metal plaque
  • Monogrammed felt Arduboy pouch
  • Booklet with a story/cartoon
  • Autographed collectors certificate
  • What? No! I just want to play the game!

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Let us know your feedback in the comments below if you have excitement or any suggestions! We are preparing to launch this very very soon and we want your input! Thanks everyone!


I would absolutely love to get a custom edition, black 3edgy5me Arduboy!

What if the plush toy had an internal pocket to stash the arduboy???


Just tell me when and where to throw my money. I’ve been following the Arduventure adventure for so long, I’m so stoked to finally see it coming to fruition. Y’all have put in so much hard work, I can’t wait to play it. :heart:

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Also can it be reasonably priced not all of us can afford stuffs

Arduboy Dock bundle :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m in two minds because although the game is far more impressive than any special edition Arduboy would be, I do like the sound of the gaudy “3edgy5me” (thanks @crait) colour scheme.

It’ll match my kitchen :P.

To be honest I think a suggestion like this would be better for an anniversary or a sequel when there would be more hype. At the moment I think more people just want to play the game.

That said, some of the ‘trinkets’ might do well if sold on their own, for example, Space Engineers has a facility where players can order 3D printed models of the ships they’ve built.
But naturally it all depends on interest.

I think one of the reasons people aren’t as interested in the trinkets is that Arduventure doesn’t appear to have any ‘mascots’ as such, and very little is known about the gameplay or plot (I’m assuming there’s a plot). For example, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Dragon Quest etc all have quite clear-cut well-known characters for people to buy plushes of, and beyond “pond guy” and “person standing next to fishing hole guy” and maybe the monsters, there’s not much info about the characters - none of them are particularly ‘iconic’ yet.

(I admit haven’t actually played the demo so maybe other people have different ideas, but if there were a ‘mascot’ type character I would have thought they would have been used in more promo material.)

black and gold EPIC!!! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! YES ALL OF IT!!! How about a special Laser engraving of our names on the plaque or unit itself???

Would love to, but the logistics of that are pretty scary. Will consider.

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Make the buttons black as well, like Disaster Area’s stuntship in the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

“‘It’s the wild colour scheme that freaks me out,’ said Zaphod, whose love affair with the ship had lasted almost three minutes into the flight. 'Every time you try and operate these weird black controls that are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up in black to let you know you’ve done it.’”

Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

:black_heart: :new_moon_with_face:

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Yes I really want to, but talk to @JO3RI he is steering this ship… right into the sun! :smiley:


If I could choose I’d just focus on finishing the game so people can play it.


How about the tree as a mascot there’s an ubundance
of those. :evergreen_tree::black_flag::white_flag:

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A :evergreen_tree: should be for the Bob Ross version of the Arduboy :slight_smile:


And here we have a happy little sprite.


:roll_eyes: :thinking:

I think for a trinket, it would be cool to get an Arduboy case with some cool design or engraving on it.


Oh yeah! Black Arduboy with gold buttons and a plush toy!!! I know what money is for!
(Stupid question: we could play any games with that special Arduboy? Not just Arduventure like the Tetris Microcard?)
Will be the price the same as a regular Arduboy?