Poll: Did you know there are embedded polls?

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Did you know there is a poll feature?

  • Yes! :slight_smile:
  • No! :frowning:
  • Maybe, so? :expressionless:

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I didn’t find an example of how to make a poll, so hopefully this topic helps.


Make your topic title start with "Poll: "

Include a list in your post.

The first list will be used. If you don’t want it to be the first list, do this:

Intro Text

- Some list
- Some list con't

Here are your choices:

- Option 1
- Option 2

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(Cody) #2



option 1
option 2

[/t [poll]]

(Celine) #3

Your poll code should work if you edit the last line of text to be: [/poll] instead of [/t [poll]]

(Cody) #4

Mhhhh not working

(Pharap) #5

It also needs the options to be preceeded by -:

- option 1
- option 2

This will get you:


  • option 1
  • option 2

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That’s what I thought too until I tested it.
It seems for some reason the [\poll] ends up being printed as [/t [poll]] when the -s aren’t specified.
Probably because of some odd parsing rule.


When you do it successfully, it should look like this when creating the post:

(Cody) #7
  • did it work
  • did it not work

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